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    CENCOROLL Trailer An OVA that is supposed to come out sometime in 2008. Wikipedia didn't give me a ton of detail. It says it is based on a manga by Atsuya Uki. It doesn't give a title of the manga or anything, but I saw the trailer on youtube and it reminds me so much of FLCL. I'm hoping it...
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    Fable 2

    So, this is the game I've most been looking forward to. The guys at Lionhead are working hard on the game. Sadly it doesn't come out until later in 2008 Still its fun to see the very first screenshots of the game. Fable 2 Screenshots
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    Help/Support ► Homeschooling

    Okay, homeschool is shit. So none of that for me
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    Help/Support ► Homeschooling

    Well, I have a decision to make. My parents have seen how bad I'm doing in school and they've been pretty pissed. I know I'm smart and that I could do great in school, but I just don't try. I'm pretty lazy, so I normally end up never turning in assignments. So, my parents asked me the other...
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    Help/Support ► Do you get teased?

    Ok, well maybe I didn't say that right.. What I mean is, I don't know of anyone who likes anime or manga here at all. So there is nobody to talk to it about, and if I talked about it in front of my friends they would just say.. "What the hell are you talking about?" And I don't hide it just to...
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    Help/Support ► Do you get teased?

    I don't let a lot of people know about me being into anime so much. Which is the reason I'm quite popular. (:
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    Help/Support ► Switching schools

    I'm in your exact situation right now. Although I started failing school about 7th grade.. :/ I feel for you :D. Is it one of those things where you tell yourself "Okay, I'll try this time. I really will." and then end up.. just being like.. whatever.. :/
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    Star Wars: KOTOR

    This has to be the greatest game I've ever played. Actually, both games were really good, but KOTOR had a better storyline than KOTOR 2 The Sith Lords. I know most of you own or at least have played this game out there right? :x
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    Evangelion 1.0

    Does anyone know if it is subbed, and where it can be watched?
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    Music Help

    I'm looking for some new music. I'm more into a post-rock , indie type, so something like.. Godspeed! You Black Emperor, Explosions in the Sky yndi halda stuff like that. anything?
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    Sharks Keep Moving, If you like Minus the Bear then...

    Check these guys out. Lead Singer of Minus the Bear , Jake Snider, its his old band. Sound alike but I find these guys are AMAZING. My friend John and I made a fan site for these guys on myspace so.. check them out SKM Music
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    I need some music I'm looking for something along the lines of.. Bloc Party Broken Social Scene Headlights I'm craving it bad.
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    What was God thinking?

    First off, I was told when I was much younger that God knows my every thought and knows my future and knows the future of EVERYTHING. I was just thinking the other day, I go to church, but I'm not sure whether I want to believe or not.. And it brought to my attention this question. if God...
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    Dance Gavin Dance

    This is by far my favorite band of all time. New album coming out, or already out.. I'm not sure Check them out Especially the song "Antlion"
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    Help/Support ► Being Bullied

    Quoted for the lulz. I second.