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  • Well each Final Fantasy game is different, with different directors and what not, but pretty much it's a Role playing Game in a fantasy world. I'll give you a example with the latest Final Fantasy game. Final Fantasy 13 is in a futuristic world where the people of Cocoon go to Fal ' cie's for food/water/comfort but if the people of Cocoon ( a world built on top of Grand Pulse which is there home planet. They live on Cocoon because Grand Pulse is full of creatures that kill) get to close to a Fal 'cie then they will be taken to a Pulse Fal' cie and turned into L' Cies and they are given a focus of what they must do, other wise if they don't do what the vision told them to do they get turned into Cieths which are these monstrous creatures. If they complete there focus they turned to crystal and gain eternal sleep, in a few hundred years they come back to life. So the main characters of the game got to close to a Pulse Fal Cie and they get turned into L' Cies and are given a focus and they must destroy this creature known as Ragnarok to create a new world ordered by a man who him self is a L' Cie but he's the top L' Cie he's in charge of the people of Cocoon, he orders everyone to find the main characters of the game and to kill them. The game is hard to explain but it's pretty deep and is probably my favorite PS3 Final Fantasy game. So you get 6 characters to pick from and go on a journey to get stronger, and level up and gain new abilities. The gameplay is pretty advance and is fun. You have this bar that fills up when you select your attacks and when the bars fill up over the attack, your characters will do the attack. It's a Action Pack RPG.

    Some people hate it though, because the game has a Auto Battle which chooses the attacks for you depending on the enemy so it's a easy way to win but if you don't do it like that then it's a good RPG, and is my favorite FF game of all time, along with FF10
    Pokemon, Super Smash Brothers, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Hot Shots Golf, Kid Icarus, Just Dance series, Sonic, Mario, Ratchet and Clank, Blazblue, Dead or Alive. was originally into the Dead Space series but got turned off from Dead Space 2,
    If I was a chic and Sora was real, I would do everything in my power to go out with him XD thats how gay I am towards Sora.LMAO

    So what other games are you into if you don't mind me asking?
    True haha :) I'm going to be honest with you I have a crush on Sora, I know I'm a guy but I'm sorry I think Sora is hot.
    haha I'm sure the game was pretty good for a late PS2 KH game, it will be weird seeing KH1 Sora talking with a KH2 Sora voice lol XD
    yeah EUR version will be out soon after that, and you guys will be getting Re Chain of Memories so I'm sure you guys are probably freaking out about that.
    I'm sure it won't take to long to make, maybe 3-4 months at the tops, and it seems like they are already doing the recording for the english version of the game, so yeah I'm thinking a Fall release for USA.
    haha for sure :) It's another reason why I want a PS3, asap KH remix with the final mix's oh yes!
    I am doing pretty well, just been saving money to get a new PS3, since my old one broke on me :( and Lighting Returns Final Fantasy 13 comes out this fall and I really wanted to see the conclusion to the FF13 world. I've been working alot of ours just to get a PS3.

    A lot of people hate me on here, because they say I'm annoying or pretty much stupid, but I really don't care what they think.
    haha thanks XD I didn't even do anything to get this award heh, I guess someone thought I was funny in a thread or something haha.
    Pretty much the only thing that changes between a regular member and a Premium member is that you can have a bigger avatar, you can delete your own threads that you started if you need too. And I think you can have more inbox messages or something.

    Platinum member you get a bigger avatar than Premium member, and get voted for Votes which get you awards and what not for completing certain tasks on the forum, I just got a Medal today :) After Platinum then the next spot would be a mod, but Shamdeo doesn't just pick anyone to be a mod, you have to have a neck for posting news on KHi, have to really devote your self to the site. For some of us Platinum is the final road like me.
    A Premium member is someone who has exceeded 1000 posts. And if I remember correctly a Platinum member is someone who exceeded 3000 posts.
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