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  • Heh I hope so. I think I might start another digipaint project this week.
    Painting is something I need major work on lol I just don't get any of the techniques at all. Right now I'm pretty focused on digiart and music, but I want to spend more time with traditional media eventually.

    Haha yeah art makes up like 90% of my life...the other 10% is video games lol
    Or some type of clever scheme by numora lol

    Yeah I'm studying web design but really anything that has to do with art I love. I just want to do it all ;D
    Haha yup first forum ever. And if KH never existed I probably would have never discovered I like doing graphic art so much.

    It's kind of scary actually that a video game started all of this >.>

    It's weird though, I've pretty much spent a third of my life on here. Lol it's hard to imagine my life without KHI, it's a part of my childhood really. Even if it was dead I'd probably still come here just out of habit.
    It is. I have a feeling that once DDD comes around it'll pick back up. A lot of people are coming back already.
    No problem, I need the work to be honest. Things have been reaaaaally slow lately ._.
    yeah, it was sort of hard to interpret though :/ but yeah, I'd say you're right in that

    and yes, so am I D: unfortunately I already read a little ahead into the next season eheh ^^;;
    this is gonna seem stalkerish, but do you by any chance live in the BG, Kentucky area?

    i visited your myspace and saw a lot of friend suggestions of people that i know.
    I did, I did, but I was rather disappointed with it all :v I'm still trying to work out if there was really any relevance to his dream, aside from the fact that he loves Brennan
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