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Recent content by Electropop

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    Help would be wonderful

    I want a PS3. Heres the thing: The only thing I can sell off the Ps3 to my Father is: Blue Ray. I dont give a shit about the damn Blue Ray I want the fricken Game System. I want to trade in all Ps2, Xbox, and Ds Lite. Inclunding Games, Wires, and sort of all the other crap. Including the...
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    Battle Royal (Occ's and Sign ups)

    Battle Royal A young girl of 16 was on her most prized toy, her four wheeler. She went up on a green grass hill. She stopped as she looked at St.Louis. She lived 10 minutes from downtown. She sighed as a song came on to her I pod. Her small head begin to bob to the beat as her green eyes...
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    Twilight- First Trailer!

    MySpace.com - www.myspace.com/trailerpark Omg OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG -cant stop shaking- This is the real deal people as I type this my nerves are on highend! The award winning book from the Stephien Myer is now a full fledge movie, It should come out around December of...
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    Jade's Eclipse

    My black wings coated with deep velvet blood. My body was covered with my own, and others around me. The one I loved is in my arms his eyes closed, his head resting on my lap. His surfer boy hair was matted and sweaty from the fight, but I didn’t care. All around us was darkness, something I am...
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    Time for the Students to take on the Master himself. KHF we are calling

    If you have been under a rock for the past five months then you should know that Me and Cody are 'students' -snorts- With KHF. My idea, when I challenged him myself not that long ago but people were a tad busy, so now that it seems the calm is over people and we all know Finals are around the...
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    A Rose for a Rose- To this FR Fellow

    Out of whim perhaps? Anyway I really want a finshed battle, maybe its a drug... Yes if a finshed battle is done I shall be super happy. Anyway; I think were we should battle is Tokyo's Main square. I just love that place..anyway, people of all kinds walk along the roads, some people stop to...
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    ...The Good the bad the ugly....

    A..Im finshed with Robotics! The Good news, Im done! Teh bad? We placed third meaning no Fort Smith. So..The ugly. IM BORED AND IN NEED OF SOMETHING TO DO. Im asking for a battle lads, come on down to those who havnt fought with meh. >: I dont bite. Well...I do. x3 Thank you come again...
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    Yes another open challenge. >:

    Sirsly. I WANT TO FINSH A BATTLE. >: I really need to take Femi to see how far she can go, last battle the kid went gonerz. So...>: Please? I would like LL or Cyber. Or Sensi. Name: Femi Nickname: Exiled. Age: 17. Gender: Female. Personality: She uses to be a peaceful...
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    Let the Exile one have some fun

    As you may have all know: I am out of my Mothers house and living with my Father! Yay. But Im very bored, and Khinsider is getting annoying. I want something to do, one of the longest Rp battles in history is still going AND ISNT FINSHED AFTER TWO MONTHS ALMOST THREE. >: So: Im very bored. I...
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    Happy BDAY HB!

    Yes Hallow Bastion's bday is today! >:O I demand everyone to wish him a happy 20 BDAY!
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    Happy Bday Blahmaster. <3333

    Yes. ITS TEH GREAST <3333333333333333333333333333333 ON TEH WORLD. We love you. <3 Hope your day was a good day. x3
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    The Struggle Ends: Black Rose Part 2

    There is nothing Good nor bad, but thinking makes it so. An Ancient line of kings, A Modern Cavitation, blessed with the Black Ices cries. A now lone kingdom, fighting for Forestall, The Struggle of living comes not to the Prologue, But for a new Era. Dear Reader, I ask for your help...
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    I need some fun.

    Name: King versus Rose Nickname: Lost Rose Home world: Black Rose Kingdom Status: Human Age: 19 (older then his sister by 10 mintues) Gender: Male Appearance: Versus is a man of strength, He is well built and stands around 6’2 He weights around 160 pounds. His look is all of the color...
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    Search for the Strongest Reckless Vs 281

    -snorts- It seems the other one ended, with no treatment what so ever. So now I make a thread for round two! Also, Im using King Versus. Reckless: I have onething and onething only to say to you. I will not show you mercy. And you should know why. Where will this lovely place be you...
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    Come Night.

    Uh... I was asked, And I will do. =/ Hopefully If you do not know the rules then just leave. Its a one-on-one fight and We will need one or two Judges. Judges 1 Time 2 Temp soon. -bows- Place of fighting? A garden. A place with every flower known, some exotic, others normal flowers...