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Nov 29, 2005
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Battle Royal

A young girl of 16 was on her most prized toy, her four wheeler. She went up on a green grass hill. She stopped as she looked at St.Louis. She lived 10 minutes from downtown. She sighed as a song came on to her I pod. Her small head begin to bob to the beat as her green eyes sparked from behind her dark sunglasses. Her brown hair was pined into a bun while some wisps of hair skirted from her round face.

She sung softly to the girl’s voice. She loved her hometown. Rachel Harrison was raised from the town of St.Louis. She only knew her town and her home. She went to Columbia High School and was in Air-Force JROTC. Other then that she lived a quite life. Never in trouble and was mostly doing her own thing she lived a nice life.

Rachel turned her I pod on louder to drawn out the sound of her wheeler hitting over 50 mph. flying through the fields of corn and soy beans. She past her neighbors barn and circled back towards the cell tower. Heading back onto Mule Road she hit the gas as she went flying. The wind hitting her hair as she hit bumps in the road. Flying on one of the hills she laughed. Her Cardinals hat was put behind her so it wouldn’t go flying.

She went on the straight away passing by houses that held 3 acres and were vastly spread apart. No one came up here that’s why her father moved here after her parents Divorced and he married Mary Woods. She past her friends Nick’s home and rounded a sharp tone.

Doing a sharp turn she blasted through waist high corn field going faster towards 70 mph. She went towards her home. It was getting towards 6 and dinner was about to be served. Smiling she past down the deep hill and stopped by her mailbox. Getting the mail out she turned her wheeler towards her home. Going in the backyard she turned off her wheeler and she could still hear the beat of American boy being played. The small pound trickled as she past by going upstairs. It was early June and she was enjoying summer.

Going in the backdoor she took off her sunglasses and her hat looking towards the kitchen she saw her dad cooking dinner. Throwing the mail down on the counter she spoke to her father. “Dinner almost done?”

Her Father was now 50. A retired Marine of 20 years Steve Harrison turned to look at his daughter. He had a grey hair and was over 6’4. Rachel looked more then her Father then her mother. The TV was blaring with the news, flooding was bad in St.Louis and people lost homes. Her father turned back to the chicken and the steamed carrots.
“Almost. Mom is almost home set the plates.” Knowing when to do that she begins the task of getting things ready. Her Step mother came in. She had red hair and deep brown eyes. “Let me see the mail please.” Mary asked. Rachel handed her the mail. The room was silent as she went through the bills and clucked at the gas price. “Rachel you have something.”

Rachel turned around to see a blue letter in Mary’s hands. She took it and didn’t bother to look as she finished up setting up dinner. Dinner was quite. The nightly news playing softly in the back round. After dinner Rachel got up taking the note and went to her own personal room. It was a dark blue that looked black at night. In the far corner her own computer sat and she had her bed on the other side. Her I pod was being charged and her phone was on silent. Sitting down on her computer chair she opened up the letter while her computer booted up. Opening the letter Rachel noticed that it didn’t even had an address on it.

“To Rachel Harrison”

Raising an eyebrow she opened the letter.

To Miss Rachel Harrison,

I am pleased to inform you that you and others have been selected to come to the Moons Cove south of Purito rico. It’s a four day stay and the trip is paid and full this includes food, hotel, and airfare. If you wish to accept your plane will take off from St.Louis Lambert Air-Port on July 5th. You should arrive home the around 9th. I advise you to pack light including boots, swim-suit and plenty of bug-spray. No Cell phones, or and other item should come as well. Basic items are what we call for. We will have phones provided free of charge since all major cell towers of the US do not hold on our private Island.

We look forward towards your stay Miss. Harrison.

Yours truly,



Welcome to Battle Royal:

Object of the game is simple: Survive for three days on an unknown island. Each day holds at least one challenge you and the others must pass. If you do not finish the challenge by the days end: You lose. You and other members are selected and are given a “Free-Trip” to an Island known as Moon Cove. Thinking that this is a time to relax and enjoy yourself you take the trip and go. But as time go you and the members find out you all are connected. Your all from the same thing a place known as “” As time goes on you find your self’s working as a team to survive your main goal is to see your family’s face’s again knowing in the next minute you could be dead.

Welcome to Battle Royal.


I just summed up for you the whole RP. This happened about a year ago… And a lot of people did this and somehow it died…and never came back. So I want this back. I want members back-stabbing and watching them come together and killing things. :O Shall be fun.

I do ask that at least three people who do not wish to be with the main group on survival PM me. You will have special jobs that involve big toys. I also ask that your really know a lot of about RPing so at least some vets will be nice. It will depend on your temp and who you are in general and how much you post.

You also cant bring much: That includes Laptops, guns, swords, knifes, bombs.
You are a normal person! You dont have fire-powers and you can control random shit. Understand this. You think this is a hotel Resort. Not camping day.

So in that case basic temp:

Age: (Older then 13 please)
Birth Place and Current Location:
Username on Khinsider:
Appearance: (Pictures are fine I really don’t care)
Bio :( Keep it simple no long history’s of the third grade)
Extra: (Music, random talents, what not)

You will also choose a number whatever number you get you get a surprise. Weeee.

And yes to the Vets: This has been done before. To those who have done this I will greatly love it if you help.

Nubs: Join I tell you Join! Ask your friends to join! Sirsly. More the better.
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Aug 8, 2004
I'd be very willing to join this. I'd like to talk to you about how you'll be setting it up, though.

I encourage others to join. It's rather fun.


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Apr 15, 2007
I expected as much. >D

I'll edit later.

Name: Peter Dolan.

Age: 14 yrs.

Birth Place and Current Location: Born in Waterfoot, Ireland.
Currently Residing in North Avington, Rhode Island.

Username on Khinsider: Archetype00x.


Bio: ( Keep it simple no long history’s of the third grade)

Extra: Peter devotes most of his time to writing and reading, and has a well-developed sense of morals as well as a wisdom and sensibility that most his age would not have.


What would you do for a Klondak Bar
Nov 29, 2005
Outside your window flipping you off.
Im going to explain something:

first off BN if you read this I asked Rena to close this becouse of one reason: I was reminded why all the others died. People couldnt stop posting at such a high rate. But I noticed something over the past months when the new RP section came over. People post..alot..slower. I dont know if its just me but I noticed alot of RP's dont get posted that much (They get posted dont get me wrong but its not at a high rate)

So. I closed it. I wasnt thinking at the time for I wasnt sure if alot of the vets would join. I was surprised coming on today finding atleast a few people will join.

So Its staying on. I was an idiot to close it. I apoligze to Blackest Night. Again Sorry.

Vets, RPers, Newbs.. Join. It will be fun. I just wanted to see people come together and have some fun before school kicks back up and we bearly speak to one-another for the next nine months.

Again: Bn I am sorry.

The RP will be going on. I would like to see it become something and make people happy. Those were my intentions and still are.



Jun 17, 2005
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Looking at Toboui's newest run and romp tells me otherwise.

inb4 spam, I present a placeholder template.

Name: Kenneth Lifeson
Age: 17
Birth Place and Current Location: Born, and now lives in, Halifax, Nova Scotia. (That's in Canada)
Username on Khinsider: Eikre
Appearance: Links of Laziness
Extra: Left-Handed, Bad-ass Bassist, and not too bad at crafting his words.
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Jun 2, 2004
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I'm glad this was bumped, else I would've never found it ^_^

Name: Jonathan Kiylu

Age: 19

Birth Place and Current Location:Fresno Cali, same place

Username on Khinsider: BlackmageAp

Appearance: pic pic pic

Bio :Grew up most of his life normally, keeping a smile on his face and a happy outlook on life. So you can imagine that when this letter came, he was excited and decided there was no way he wasn't going.

Extra: Likes climbing trees, and Irish Rock.