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  • Omg! There's so many! There's Cloud, Tidus, Sora, Riku, Zack and the list goes on

    A Disney/FF character you wish would appear in KH3
    It's cute and colorful but I don't really like or dislike it. It's just whatever for me.

    Favorite female character from FF?
    I have no idea...that's something I would have to really think about

    Favorite ice cream flavor?
    Lilo and Stitch! I know they had Stitch as one of the summons but to be in that world would be pretty awesome :D

    Favorite Disney movie?
    Hmm, I wish I was more feminine?

    Which character from KH or FF would you like to live a day as?
    Food! I'm munching on something throughout the whole day and I get grumpy when I'm hungry >.<

    Favorite game other than KH and FF
    I always want to go to Korea every year but places I haven't been, Japan, Thailand, Tahiti, Hawaii.

    What are the first 3 sites you go to when you start your computer?
    I don't have a favorite word and I don't have any nicknames

    Which consoles do you currently own?
    My biggest ambition? I actually don't have one or at least never really thought about it enough to have one

    Favorite color?
    Dogs! Especially a maltese and a husky!

    If you could live as any video game character, who would it be?
    You've probably never heard of them but I like Big Bang and 2NE1. They're a Korean group

    favorite movie?
    That's a hard question cause I like so many. Probably Lilo and stitch

    favorite food?
    I'm afraid I'm not familiar enough with Final Fantasy to answer that. =[

    Sure thing sir! I have a Haunter ready for you.
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