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  • Wow now that I think about it, you're even a hypocrite for saying you don't associate with idiots when you do. Funny how things work out lol.
    I'm totally stupid.

    Hypocrite -
    a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, esp. one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.

    You called me an asshole and portrayed a "good image" of yourself because you disapproved of the way I think and/or my opinion. Then it turns out, you're an asshole. You're a hypocrite. And you do associate with idiots, because you just said you've gotten to know people from this site and they were all idiots, meaning... you associated with idiots.

    I think a person who wasn't disturbed or depressed wouldn't keep this conversation going this long if you honestly think I'm an asshole. So I think you should stop 'associating' with me. You seem to be getting pretty upset, lol.
    It doesn't matter how you got to know them. You haven't gotten to know them for who they are outside of the internet. Which was my point. And I don't think I ever really said I wasn't an asshole. I didn't say I wasn't judgmental. But for someone accusing another person of being those things, you sure are a hypocrite.
    ahahaha. First of all, you didn't call Steven a loser. You said he was one of the only ones that you thought wasn't a loser. So how would I tell him you called him a loser if you didn't? Second, I really don't care at all what you think or what people think of you, so why in the hell would I go around telling people you called them losers? I'm not a 13 year old girl. You have no idea what I'm like or who I am.

    Besides that, you really can't judge people for what they're like on the internet. Most of the time they're incredibly different in real life. You're kind of an 'asshole' for making a judgment like that based on solely what you've experienced on a forum.

    But yeah. That really made me laugh. haha. Wow.
    lol. Would you like it more if I asked questions that made you think I was an asshole?
    I wasn't insulting you. If I was, I would have been straight forward about it. And really, if I felt like insulting you, I probably would have just stopped talking to you by now. I'm not being an asshole, you just think I'm an asshole, and you've thought that since I told you who I am. So maybe if you trashed your opinion of me before we started talking, this conversation might be going in a totally different direction.

    Or I'm wrong and you're just a depressed kid who has no other way to out her aggression. I'm leaning more toward former though.
    It's spelled pompous. And they aren't. I'm just holding conversation. Plus instead of asking you questions like how you've been, what's happening in life, I figured I could ask a few general questions that told me if you're some anime kid that stays on this site because they have no life or anything better to do.

    You're still being pretty hostile, by the way. I can't really figure out why.
    50% of the people that come to this site are. I thought it was a fair question. You need to lighten up a bit.
    It seemed like you thought you had to know what you wanted to do before you graduate or it was over.
    And? Mostly everything that needs a lot of thought put into it you have to go through college for anyway. You have plenty of time.
    That's true. Good for you, then. Any plans on going any further with it, maybe as a career?
    Whatever works. I can hardly believe that you still RP. It's a good thing, but it's just something that most get tired of doing after a few years.
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