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  • I think so too. For one thing, girls care more about losing weight/maintaining shape than most guys.
    Yo... i logged on for no good reason and saw you were alive through Curt.... so BLAAA....

    .... i am done....
    Good luck. I can never do anything of that. I always get about two weeks into it and stop. haha.
    It just kind of seemed like it. So I guess that's why I was being an asshole.
    Yeah, it was typo. I meant to say, I started talking to you first.
    Because we'll probably just end up not fighting and continuing the conversation.
    Good thing I have a great memory. A few weeks later after you told me that you started talking to me again.

    Yeah, you're right, you started talking to me first, but you're the one who started to take things the wrong way first.
    I'm really not a jerk, you're just really easy to upset. I wasn't even trying to get you all worked up and here you are, unable to stop talking to me for whatever reason. If someone is bothering you just don't talk to them.... That's why I'm assuming you're most likely depressed and look for any way you can to release some anger. Maybe you're just an angry person. I don't know.
    This is again where being disturbed and depressed comes in. And now I think I'm being an asshole. But yeah... merry Christmas for sure. You really shouldn't get so upset over something that happens on the internet. It isn't personal. It was talk. Just like what you "associating" with all of those "idiots" was. So maybe now you can think about judging someone before you actually know them. It's not very cool.

    Sorry I bothered you, in any case.
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