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  • My father isn't
    the main problem
    but he played a part.
    HE used to beat me and
    my sister, and would lie to my
    mother about it. It was actually
    scary, but he changed. At some points
    I dont know how to react to him.
    My survival of social skills came from my mother.
    Her and my father are total opposites
    I commented on how pretty you are in the picture thread. I gotta be sure of myself. Otherwise I can't be who I am. And who am I if not a flirt?
    It's me, PMF. One of KHI's biggest male flirts. One of the sexiest people here on the site, and all around good guy. ;-7
    my dad was in the military
    ....and well he wasn't as good as a father
    i thought he was when i was a toddler.
    growing up socially was hard being stuck
    doing homework and chores, with a switch
    and an extension cord pointed at your back.
    not to mention that we always traveled overseas.
    basically......my social skills went down the tube
    but i always managed to make friends

    in more than one country :D
    sorry, i was just goin with the flow

    with my lack of intelligent social skills
    i come with very few words
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