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  • Oh I guess thats relativley new. I've been here since April 07 but wasn't really active for my first year or so. I'm more active now I just don't devote my life to a forum like some members here. So what country are you from?
    Stop posting 'favorite' threads. They don't belong on the KH sections. That's what the Forum Games section in Forum Insanity's for.
    Obviouly not his REAL name, but the name that people call him now, I don't know him because he doesn't go to my school, but, apparently, he and this other dude got into a gang fight over his "name". xD And I don't know his last name. That girl is hilarous though, she had like, 12 boyfriends this year (I don't even think that's an exaggeration) one of them, she was trying to get pregnant with his kid, (she never did but still) then she dumped him because he smelled bad one day, even though she said that she "loved" him. Did I mention she's 14?

    Sadly, this is what happenes when your parents decide that it would be fun to live in the ghetto. The only reason I know about she is that she's a friend of a friend.
    lol, someone forgets conversations easily, when I was typing all weird, it was because you said, "I want to see if I can close a thread next time someone asks a stupid question, like is Kairi Larxine." And that's when I typed that question all weird (I know that Namine is Kairi's nobody. I was making fun of people that ask stupid questions xD.) Like I said, I hate typing like that, I know someone who types all weird like that (and she asks stupid questions xD) And her boyfriend's name is Bizkit *tsk tsk* (said that before but I feel the need to say it again xD
    the recipe to Ultima Weapon would help if I could actually COMPLETE the other recipes xD. I think only mods can close threads though. Lol,

    iz KAiRi's nowbody larkzine or smtin? cuz if SoRa hz 1 denn KAiRi muzt hve 1 tooo.

    lol, I actually know someone at my school that types like that. She'll go out of her way to misspell things. She has a boyfriend named Bizkit. No kidding. xD
    oh, no, no ultima weapon. To be honest, I don't even have the patience to get the Ultima Weapon in KH1 xD. She dies about 3 times on ansem when they're in that blue-ish room and once later on. Now I finally took a break from my sis, she was like "I WANNA PLAY!!!" So I explained that I would like ONE day to myself lol. I know why my thread got blocked, someone was like "Thank you for ruining that girls life, have fun with the wrist pain later on in life"

    Someone's just jealous because they still can't beat the game xD Honestly though, closing a thread because you don't agree with that person? What a pissy thing to do.

    (Wow, I'm retarded, I sent a message to myself instead of you on accident xP)
    Yea, she does, I just last week let her play KH thinking "Eh, it'll keep her busy so I don't have to watch her." Then I look and she's already done with the tutorial o_O Then one time, she was playing Clayton and normally she needed my help (like I'd tell her if she needed to heal or something) But I left and came back, and I didn't know she beat Clayton so when she was at the tent I was like WTF? So I tell her to go back to the place and when he wasn't there I was like HOLY SHIT.

    Honestly, I told her where to go sometimes, but that was it. (Plus she beat the Riku/Ansem dude in one try, which scared the bejeezus out of me.)

    I wonder why my thread got closed =/ What did I do?!
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