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  • that's pretty cool, well unfortunately, kh3d is after re:coded so i'm guessing it's coded part 2. and if it is, that makes it even more pointless to make two seperate games whennthey could've just been one
    i just think the games could be more inconsistent i think kh days was the lesat necessary kh game in the series and only complicates it even more. BBS was pretty necesary and coded merely introduced new mysteries that will be answered in other titles.

    i want kh3 too, but nomrua is intentioanlly stalling due to pressure by fans, i doubt most of this is necessary.
    true, though i suaully avoid discussing too much, they tend to get really negative and immature, and then when i tellthem to grow up they think i tell it to everyone. but either way, it's good to know someone on khi doesn't like the idea of kh being on 3ds
    don't worry about what heartseams says. i jsut go along the argument for word count, but evne so she's a little too fixated on kh
    Im watching all the time, somethings i like :lol: wow thats sorta bad that your parents dont know, are ya gonna tell them soon? lol her mom is weird jk
    Well Logan you can call me Brian
    thought i was in love but bleh, awesome dude!! i hope she says yes ^^
    sucks bout the computers but hey, men built them so thats why they break lol

    Me *sighs* nothing really just bein a lazy ass and doing nothing :lol:
    Ha im a guy lol and i thought i found the perfect one but it didnt work out, all of it sucks but life goes on huh...thanks man
    Wow your right its been a long time, im surprised to see ya again. You wrote a song huh, tight
    Me *sighs* moving soon, broken heart, and bein bored mainly
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