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Recent content by CK the Fat

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    Help/Support ► Discarded

    I think I know now what I must do, and it's not really the thing I want, but I have lost hope of my old ideas of hapiness now anyway. Now I merely want closure. I know she's not doing any of this on purpose, and she's a kind person, really. I probably said some things in this post that...
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    Help/Support ► Brother

    I'm just going to say keep your more valuable stuff somewhere safe. Also, a 7-year old should know not to break stuff... try and get your parents to do something about it, like put him on time-out or something.
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    Help/Support ► Worthless?

    Buddah is a man who found enlightenment. I don't think he is either a God, nor are there more than one of him. Xigar, being popular doesn't really mean a lot. I never was. I'm content with just a few close friends, because I'd rather have a few people love me a lot than many people who think...
  4. C


    Discworld is a fantasy world. Basically, it's a giant disc that sits on the backs of four elephants, who in turn circle around on the shell of a giant turtle. It's not your standard fantasy, though. Though you'll find all the races--humans, dwarves, elves, trolls, gnomes, werewolves...
  5. C

    Help/Support ► Love

    I don't think there's anything wrong with this thread, and I can understand what you mean fine. Don't delete the thread if you grew discouraged and still wanted help, but if it truly is better, go ahead and do as you please. Anyway, some more details would be good... "not enough time" can be a...
  6. C

    Help/Support ► My Lastest Boy Confusion...HELP please?

    Being a guy, but not really a cute or romantic guy, I can only say this... Last year I changed my walking patterns several times, either for the sake of time or so I could meet up with someone at a certain area in the hallway, even just for 30 seconds. So my path changed while my destination...
  7. C

    Help/Support ► An issue

    The advice I can say right now is to keep an eye out for him, and try to not get into any more fights...
  8. C

    Help/Support ► My High School LIfe - My Feelings and Such

    Hey man, I definitely feel for you... My grandmother had a stroke in 2000, and since then there has been little left of the grandmother I knew... only a crazed babbling, poor thin woman who doesn't remember my or my family's names. What I would do is try and gather up things that remind you of...
  9. C

    Help/Support ► Discarded

    Hi, first I'd like to apologize for not checking back sooner. I lost internet for quite a while due to house additions being done. Anyway, thank you all very much for your support. I realize now that I'm just another passing element in her life. We were very close once, but since then we've...
  10. C

    Help/Support ► Discarded

    That's not it. I knew this would probably happen, and I know I can get through the breakup. There are more factors as to why she doesn't want to stay my girlfriend, because of time issues and stuff. It's just don't want her to keep me so distant, as a friend. Not a romantic friend, just as a...
  11. C

    Help/Support ► Discarded

    Sorry, I hadn't finished the post yet... it's done now.
  12. C

    Help/Support ► Discarded

    I have been a good friend of someone for nearly two years now. We used to trust one another and she would tell me how she felt and I would do the same for her. We would share our lives and our pasts and what we thought about things. We were very close, but then... Around this springtime she...
  13. C

    Help/Support ► Whoa! friend issues

    She apologized this evening. This never really was about money, perhaps I gave the wrong indication. And of course, I'm quite sure I left out, unintentionally, details that would justly villainize me as well. I only hope that what she speaks truly comes from her heart.
  14. C

    Help/Support ► Whoa! friend issues

    Supposedly she went and got someone else to do it. She wrote this to me earlier: "congradulations. You are being punished for the worst thing one can do. I hate liars Ethan. You should know this. Well, the punishment begins now and will not end until after Spring Break. Once again...
  15. C

    Help/Support ► Whoa! friend issues

    It seems that the item she wanted the money for meant a lot to her. So why couldn't she just have gone and simply asked for it? Geez...