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  • Of all the people on this forum dedicated to a children's video game, you are easily my favorite
    fun fact: that was the name of a novel i was going to write, about two detectives investigating that "town" but then i was talking to you one fine day and it became a fan-fic

    Even though it may be completely misleading and unrelated, can the title be 'Iridescence'?
    I knew nerds who used the word glitch instead of the word bitch. Good times.

    Thank you <3
    Um, so uh, I may have not checked off that option that saves my convo-history. Which means everything lies with you. Also, maybe not the best time to mention it, but I'm sorry I haven't said anything in a while, this has been due to school for the most part and my exams are almost over, but still, it would've been good-mannered of me to at least mention it instead of "oh i guess she probably understands/she doesn't care/ lalala c:"

    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    Do you perhaps have written down all those plans written down somewhere after those passionate moments of idea-making ended?


    Now I have to write a fan-fic where he wears the Kamina glasses instead of his mask and replace Batarangs with Kamina-glasses-rangs and Dick (old Robin, new Batman) gets all face-palm-y and and and I am a queer soul
    Thank you for tolerating my random and shitty schedule as well as life

    Honestly, maybe it's better if I didn't drag this whole thing behind and someone more capable (i.e you) should handle this.
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