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  • He's definitely a great voice actor..I wonder if I'll ever become a voice actor, it seems fun. Yup I've seen em both. Shounen is like bleach, naruto, one piece ect. I'm not much into romance ones either. Have I seen darkwing duck...I can't remember. Oh, well it could be possible still for the actor. Heh your welcome.
    The best part? That's not his only voice... he's got at LEAST 6 "Standard" voices and he's a great imitator too. Have you ever seen Lion King or Anastasia? He sung for Jeremy Irons (Everything post "You won't get a sniff out of me") and Christopher Lee "In the Dark of the Night"

    You pull out my Darkwing Duck DVD's and I am ONE happy camper. It helps the writing is smart and funny though.

    I don't get all the different terms in Manga's. I'm not a romance fan, but that's something else.

    I don't know if the actress is going to college, but the character might be.

    Both, actually. She's around the same age of her character.

    DANG! That's how you spell it!

    Er, Loveless (NOT a yaoi fangirl though), Princess Resurrection, Full Metal Alchemist, Black Butler, and Liar Game (which is flat out one of the best things I have ever read)

    He's wonderful (sigh)
    I don't like all that blood, I don't like alot of things in this trailer, but it has Jim Cummings and now I want to play it.

    I'm such a fangirl... (though I did get into him with Darkwing Duck... who is one of my favorite characters ever)
    Er, she's around 18... I know they want her to enroll in college so she can have some sort of a normal life experience.

    Artie is... Artie's Artie. While he is very serious, he does have lighter moments. (Points to the begnien quote below) Great, I can't spell that.

    I know it is, I just prefer chocolate.

    I dabble in Burn Notice... I like it, but I don't really pay too much attention.

    Anime isn't my cup of tea, I do read some manga too.

    And you do NOT want me to get started on Jim Cummings... (And you've heard him! Pete, Pooh, Tigger, Darkwing Duck, in the new Spatterhouse, Hondo Okhanawa...)
    I like her, 'cause she's really spunky. And she's kind of the daughter of the group. (I love Artie too, who's the boss, 50, and proclaimed at one point he hasn't been benign since 1967) And it's on at 9 every Tueday. We're getting to the end though of the second season, so you're better off borrowing the first season (and it's slow in the beginning but it picks up pace in the later half)

    Vanilla is good too.

    Burn Notice is fun, and I'm a VA freak.

    Well, more Western/Video Game VA then Anime though. (My favorite is Jim Cummings)
    Really? (sad) I'm love chocolate.

    Well, the artifacts tend to CAUSE trouble, or they find their way into troublesome hands. Or they tend to over work if used (like there's this labcoat that allows the user to go up and down metal like Spiderman. That being said, each use doubles the magnetic potential eventually leading to being crushed by all the metal surrounding you.) The Warehouse has some goo that keeps them under control.

    And it's on at 9 on SyFy... but it's on Hulu now if you can get it. What about you? what do you watch?
    Roast beef and chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

    Basically, there are things called "Artifacts" which do... odd things. Such as Lucrecia Borgia's brush (which causes some sort of murder/mind control) a piece of wood from the Titanic that causes people to freeze to death, a telegraph that causes people to go insane, a vacuum that works by itself, a snow globe that causes things to freeze... And it's up to those who work in Warehouse 13 to bring those items back to the warehouse where they can be controlled and studied. The girl in my sig is "Claudia" who's an agent in training and she's a huge techie.
    (I should note Mina isn't my real name... It's from Dracula)

    I'm fine, just hungry for reasons I can't figure out...
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