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  • Yeah that's Xaldin. I hate him more in Days. When you're teamed up with him he has the annoying habit of knocking the enemies away with his giant lances before you can finish a combo D:
    Yeah I'm the same like that. Xigbar and Xaldin were good fights, not too hard, not too easy. That boss is annoying on proud difficulty.
    I'm quite sad they (modern game developers) don't make more games with a story like Days. Ithought it made up for the awkward gameplay. The ending is sad and the second to last battle is HARD :(
    IKR!! When she draws on the Paopu fruit :S Makes me squee like a fangirl :D. It is sad. Not quite as bad as the ending to Days though! Xion's theme and simple and clean always make me sad now.
    I don't know.. Mermaid horses aren't really my thing >.> At least I won't admit they are. I love that ending :'( Makes me cry though.. well nearly.
    Haha. Beware of Xehanort the Mermaid/Horse. Doesn't have quite the ring of 'Ansem, Seeker of Darkness' but I like it :D
    Haha great. Once you get to the giant ship thing it's easy as pie as long as you remember to heal - which I forget and then get a shock when I see I have next to no health. I had so many close calls the first time through that.
    Neither. I didn't get to 100. It's easier if you pick the options at the start which help you level up faster later in the game.
    Urgh I hate grinding. That was why I quit WoW. Only time I've ever grinded enthusiastically was so I could beat Sephiroth in KH.
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