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  • I'm peachy :3 home early for a change without classes to go to @_@ I've forgotten what that's like.

    Thanks ^_^ and I was asked to be one. Guess I must've done something right somewhere along the way.
    I've been looking for a high quality stock of it for a while. I wanna ask for two signatures to be made of it, so. I need a good stock.
    I love your Namine signature o.o

    On that note... do you have the stock for her drawing? The one of SRKN?
    People think I'm from there because of my English, mostly.
    I get asked it I'm from abroad around here because I have a slight accent XD;
    I get ideas out of the most random things.
    Ask Audo, he'll tell you. I'm capable of writing meme fics.
    Give me a word, a character, and five minutes.
    I'll get you a concept.
    I just need the right motivation.

    My first KH fic? ...eh. It's slightly SoRiku flavored (consider this a warning if you're not into it) and can be found on KHI actually. It's Dream Fruit.
    I've been writing fanfiction in general for 7+ years. My first KH fic, I published, lemme see.... May 07.
    Hot damn.
    While I don't mind us constantly bumping my fic thread, it's getting kinda spamful :) thus, moving the conversation over here.
    How many KH fics? Um... I probably wrote more but I have published in various locations... 21.
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