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    heh...just kidding, yeah ok. but you know you changed the meaning of my words.
    I have no rebuttal because this has gone on far enough.
    Obviously you have no intention on ceasing argueing so I will.
    We've polluted each others comment section enough, just pretend I conceded to you and move on :p
    can you bring facts that i am? because its jsut you IMO.

    i never said it was inferior, its just thats its far too simple for KH.

    "and here comes your understanding of what thatmeans

    but before you answer i'll tell you. KH isnt exactly suited for WIImote, even with nun chuck. not saying its inferior or superior. andif you want to change the meaning of words (which is another way to make you look stubborn) than be my guess
    you see thats your problem, i never said it was inferior or PS control being superior
    i said it was better to be left on PS control
    if you were trully a PS and 360 fan, you wouldnt care if i said PS control was superior (not that i said it)

    but honestly, you dont make sense.....you brng up stuff that was never there.

    see now i can tell you r a hardcore wii fan. only difference is you take me as a PS fan. well i'm not a fan of any system.

    the real question is, "are YOU paying attention to the argument?

    i said its far too simple for kh games and its best suited for PS control.

    i didnt say it was superior
    i didnt mention PS control and now your making absolutely no sense, i can see your getting irritated since you have lost what to sasy.

    and it doesnt matter if its super complicated or not, they followed the same control concept (only they added reaction command)
    Uh oh, someones getting mad, Ill end this here.
    I said the Wii Mote was the MOST ADVANCED controller this gen.
    Complicated=/=Advanced ;)
    see. you want facts? than stop saying you defend wii "where it needs to be defended"

    the argumentis pointless.

    its simple to use...my opinion, but i don't see facts saying its the most complicated thing to use.
    wii doesnt need to be defended in areas it needs to be defended. thats proves even more your one of them.

    its simple to use. end of story...
    you see thats the thing.....its far to simple to use.

    dont act like its the best thing out there and most complicated thing.

    i meant wii has too phew buttons for the buttons that are in place of kh PS control.
    I knew it! he was so familiar, i have a friend that is like me being obsessed with kh, except hes like that with dot hack
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