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  • Bah, it wasn't the Gaia thing that got me. It was your use of grammar and such. We seriously need people like you. We are being consumed by kids that like to use "short-hand", to use the polite term. But I won't pesture you about it.

    Anyways, the name's Bleeding Soul and I have actually wanted to talk to you for a while. You can call me Bleeding, Soul or, my personal favorite, BS.
    I have never roleplayed, although I have thought about it.
    However, roleplaying just isn't the thing for me.
    I am sorry, but I would like to decline.
    Not everyone on Gaia roleplays, despite popular belief.
    I like to thank you for inviting me to roleplay, though.
    It is very nice of you to do so. :)
    Woohoo! First message! Anyways, I can't get it out of my head of your literacy levels. So much so that I fear that I have become curious. Everyone roleplays differently and I'm curious as to what your style is. So would you like to join a role play in the rp section to see if you'd enjoy it?
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