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  • I dont actually know... I didn't write out a whole one but just the guidelines for the storyline.
    Hmmm, guess you missed quite some things then :)

    Well, I don't really know if it's really the final world list but it's the thing I found most close to a final world list so used that in the summary.

    I think it's best if you browse through the sub-topics since they're not that big. Not many has been decided upon, I think you'll get the most out of the summary I put in the first post of the music sub-topic ^^

    Also be sure to check the #3 thread since we already made some kind of cover art design, some logos and some titles for the game :)

    If you still have any questions, I suggest you should ask in the discussion where you're question belongs to because they're will be the people who can help you with your question n.n

    I hope I was of some use n.n
    lol heyy. Have these.

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