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  • Hi there! So I can see that you're new to the forum, and very excited to be posting and contributing, and I've got a piece of advice that's going to save you some deleted posts, locked threads and/or frustrated members and mods.

    The KHI Forums have a policy against posting in ("bumping") old threads. This policy was put in place because virtually every single time someone bumped in an old thread, they weren't contributing anything at all new or interesting to the discussion that had long-ceased. Also, new posts in old threads usually never re-vitalised any discussion, and so the member "necro-posting" in the thread gained extra post count cheaply and quickly, which is a problem when certain privileges come with higher post counts that you're supposed to 'work' for.

    When you're getting ready to post in a thread, it's always a good idea to check how recently the last post in that thread was made. If it was within the last month, if you can add something new and valuable to the thread, go right ahead. If it's a few months old, then take the time to consider how much you'd really be adding to the thread, you'll probably find it's not much. If it's beyond six months, don't even really bother posting, and instead think about making a new thread to advance or discuss your own perspective on the matter.
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