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    Lmao, then that means they were never destined to meet.
    It's okay XD.
    Idk what to say here. Since we just spent an hour talking on the phone XD. Uhh. How far are you on the Days novels?
    You accidentally sent that message like four times :p.
    And I've said this already, but: YAYY!!!!! I am happy. X3.
    Okay! It's a cool show. I liked it, anyway.
    The main reason I watch ANYTHING ((other than anime)) is because I watch anything that moves on a screen, if I have nothing better to do ^^;;. My mom was watching it for some reason. Then I got into it.
    It's like about a teacher who is reeeaaaallllyyyy strict. And the main character student ((6th grade class)) seems to be the teacher's least favorite kinda. And she tries to get along with everyone and stuff. I think. I forgot sommeee of it...it's really good though.
    And okay~ :p :).
    Cool~. If you like Asian drama, I'd suggest 'Queen's Classroom' (('Joou no Kyoushitsu'...I THINK))...except idk anywhere to watch it :C. I watched it a long time ago. It's Japanese. >w>
    and ehh...you should probably start the Days novels first since otherwise the others might be confusing...but that's just IMO since I played Days before knowing anything about KHII :p
    Not all of them are from 358/2 Days.
    And ehh...I'm not that interested in watching drama shows >>. I've only seen a few J-drama, but the episodes are really long and I could only watch on the computer. Which I have limited time on as it is. I might watch it eventually, but probably not anytime soon :/.
    Look under 'Navigation' for the list of stuff they have.....:p
    You should read the Days manga, soon >w>. But that's just my opinion.
    OH AND ALSO. There are novels. That have been translated. And mainly from Days. So like, you should read the translations. And I'll give you a link. If you want to. They're awesome, though. /excited
    I think part of the reason I like Days is it's lack of Disney main chars. Of course, Donald and Goofy can be shipped together for some fun--*is shot*.
    Well back on topic. You're totally right. Days has way more drama. Also more characters remain constant ((if that makes sense)) -- the Organization. And the RAX trio. Yeyyy~ I love them. XD.
    Or Zexion...*is shot*
    I mean...of course I'm right ;3. jk
    And no, actually, it doesn't tell me who likes and/or faves my videos XD.
    I'm asking what you think about the storyline so far though, not my video making >w>
    But you watched the video I posted, riiiggghhtt? >.>
    I'm talking about the hair for Kyou. He has REAAALLLYYY short hair. Longer hair would be easier to do, imo...or at least, the length Gokudera's hair is.
    And you should decide at least three months before the con, so there's more prep time..:p.
    Doonnn'ttt call me 'darling'. Plz. >>
    And eh...a Gokudera cosplay would be easier than a Kyou one, I'm pretty sure oωo...
    But anywayy. I was gonna ask you. What do you think of the Days story so far?
    Good. :p.
    Orlynao? I just use...English. Japanese in my head sometimes, and only occasionally out loud/online as well..
    Haruhi~~ And darn, I should did a way to convince you to ditch Gokudera for a KH character >w>
    Why does everyone speak Spanish except me? D: lol jk
    I'm excited, too~~!!!! And I miss you as well, but at least we can talk online and stuff :). You still need to remember the glomp you're gonna get when you get back >w>
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