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  • XDD.
    Haha...yeah, forums are fun X3. KHI, especially. My favorite forum site <3.
    I'm glad you like it :D
    Oh gosh, yeah. But then...I always see some cool ones, so I end up 'like'-ing them, and so I'm spamming too. x).
    No, I mean the spam you buy at the store *sarcasm*.
    Lol, if you read the FAQ here ((which you should....Community > FAQ)), the section about what spam is, is awesome. XD.
    And inorite? Unless you're me...I talk a lot...unless it's an awkward moment or I can't think of something, or something like that :p.
    Haha, yeah. It's at least 25 chars for forum posts, too. Everyone hates it XP.
    But it's better than spam, I suppose...even though there's still ways to spam, but y'know...
    Okay :p.
    And lol XDD.
    Also for changing size in VM, use [size=1*]texttexttext[/size*] without *s. And change the number. I used size 1 earlier :p.
    Hahaha :p.
    So, any other FCs you'd like to join?
    I'll be convincing you to join some once you've read Days...>:3.
    No problem! :).
    You love me for giving you FC links? D:. I feel used! :C.
    ((Just kidding XDD;. Love you, too :p.))
    Pfft. Fine. On the last day of the con.
    'Cause, y'know, if one of us dies or something, at least we'd have gone to the con already :p.
    Wait, but who's the stronger ninja? >:3.
    And yeah...science isn't very fun XP.
    Because I'm a NINJA!
    As are you...
    Which means... We're both ninjas! o_O
    So perhaps we cancel each other out?
    Ugh, science is not my favorite subject -.-
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