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  • Uh, yeah sure sounds good. Don't think I have any plans tomorrow, but I'll let you know if anything changes.

    PSN id is pyrrosia
    And if you win I'll be sure to tell everyone how "1337" you were sweeping my NUs with a garchomp.

    So it's a lose/lose, the only way to win is to not use Garchomp :3
    WELL There 'ya go.

    Using an Uber tier sweeper against my poor little NUs seems pretty cheap. But if by some stroke of luck I happen to beat you, I'll be sure to let everyone know that even garchomp can't touch this
    Weeeeeell... I know it's probably packing swords dance, and I really don't know if I can deal with that but..

    Fine. you can use it I guess. I'm not happy about it though. After all, you really shouldn't need a Garchomp to win your OU battles. Especially since I have 3 NUs, 1 UU, and only 2 OUs.
    Alright I'll be there in a few minutes probably.

    And don't tell anyone abut the contents of my team/my strategy AT ALL. It's a secret :3
    Well, I only have one team for the time being. (unless you count my gym leader team) I had another but I hate it alot.

    The only other team I have is my Double Battle team.
    Oh yeah good point :O

    I was thinking that bellydrum didn't lower your HP for some reason. Never mind :/
    Zomg your team made me think of the most epic trio evar :O

    SO you get in leik, ur Ninjask and all and you just like, Ninjask it up and whatnot, Then you baton pass to Smeargle when you got max speed and suff. And you gotta have a Focus sash on this Smeargle or it'll die :( OR I guess you can wait and see if you can get up a substitute that doesn't fade, THEN baton pass to Smeargle. So you use Spore with smeargle and everything, and use belly drum. Now, baton pass to a Choice Band Scizor and sweep with Bullet Punch (the Speed Boosts ensure you outspeed other speed priorities of 1)

    So yeah, I need to try this sometime. Sounds pretty win.
    It has a focus sash, I assume? to ensure you get to use spore unless you either get hit by fake out or you get taunted.

    And wtf was your scissor holding there, a muscle band or something? I was expecting you to have a choice band or life orb, but your HP didn't get lowered and you used swords dance so what was up there :/
    Yeah I predicted your Smeargle's spore there, and I assume you wanted to set up Belly Drum to baton pass off to either Scissor or Weavile. But yeah, I needed the stealth rock there because I was expecting a weavile, and I knew it'd have a focus sash.

    If that Low Kick didn't kill me, it wouldn't have mattered anyway. My attack would've been too low to do anything XD.

    But yeah, ABSOL got critted. WTF how ironic.
    ARG Sorry about that, I walked out of range of my wifi USB D:

    But yeah, good game. GOD Stupid crit.

    Also, voice chat off (I wouldn't talk even if it was on anyway and I have no interest in hearing anyone else), Sleep clause, evasion clause, no OHKO moves, and no hax items.

    I'll be there in a second.
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