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  • What does it say when you try to post, and pm the RP to me, I'll go over to see if there's a glich or something it.
    Ya it's kinda hard some time, it's the rp in my signature, The war for power, it's doing al right but my death note rp looks like it won't take off.
    LoL nah the more rp's ya in the better it gets to use more than one, I have one rp where I have 5 characters. John was the first character I used, but since this was set befor RE4 I couldn't use him, he would only be 14 in this though Jack I could use since he's 19.

    So when's the rp gonna start?
    I help ya, whenever ya want to start on the new storyline just pm me ;D.

    YA I have three characters that I created a long time ago.

    Jack Davis- One of few surviors from Raccon city, he was part of the RPD and had been a Rookie durning the outbeak, he was one of two from his family that actley survied that nightmare. He went to visit his younger brother who had been liveing with Chris Reifeild since the outbreak ended though on his way he stoped in a town that had just been infected alll over again.

    John Davis - Younger broter to Jack, Jonh had been over a friend's house when the outbreak had happend so he wasen't with his family when the zombies had eaten them, durnig this time him and his friend had mangage to survive the outbreak then be rescued by Chris & Jill, though his frined would go with Jill and he would go with Chirs, he had been liveing with Chirs at the moment and learning more of the outbreak.

    Sahara valentino- A close friend of Jonh's she had been hanging out with him and her broher durning the outbrek, her brother was killed in it but before her and Jonh could share the same fate they had been rescued, she had left with Jill and is beging to learn the truth of everything that happend.

    LOL they where old characters I made in his RP though I was only able to use one and I only got to mention the other two.
    Sure I would love to help ya, RE are my favrote kind of RPs, I alerady know that I won't use my other character in this, and it would be fun to have one after this one.
    WEll then now it's time for a new RP ;D, if this goes good ya think ya would make another RE rp.
    Yo, you make good RP, I make friends with you, I speak like I lost the war with my evil toster ;D.

    So what's up, ya from the old days of khi so even though ya don't have many post that makes ya very cool ;D.
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