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Recent content by Ayumi

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    I feel bad because Jerome says he still loves me andwould want me back but I do like Cloud and I don't wanna hurt him anymore. I wanna be his friend. I'm sure he could find so many other girls out there but I think I've killed him v.v; I think he should be able to move on. I know lots of girls...
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    What should I do?

    Well it's simple. I'm not going into detail but my boyfriend broke up with me and wants to be friends. Okay. Well I thought. I won't say anything about it,since I don't want him mad or anything but It hurts that he wasn't even sad. I blame myself really; I was sad all the time and caused this...
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    God of War 2 help? please

    I got it yesterday and I've made my way all the way to the Phoenix Chamber. I've gotten an emerald but in the room with the spikes; I'm a little confused on what I'm suposed to do. I'm found the staute to slow the time down but when I go to turn the handle The spikes always seem to kill me no...
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    A Personal Problem

    I have a problem with myself. To be blunt; I hate myself. I just have many issues with myself. For one, I can't break my habit of saying sorry. I just say it all the time and I bothers me so much! Another problem is I worry alot ._. Like right now; I'm worring that my friend will be annoyed...
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    Yeah.well I'm being homeschooled.So my well she think i was her friend is all sad that I'm being homeschooled.She's trying to make me stay.I hate her she's so controling and won't leave me alone.She my friend said that we don't like her and she goes off Crying. And now i'm worried she'll start...
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    Help please?

    Yeah I need help.See I love my boyfriend,but I absolutly Hate him being upset.Which he is upset alot.He thinks I'll fall in love with a video game character.And I tell him again and again,but it still hurts him. I don't wanna hurt the person i love so much.I wanna know how i can show him I love...
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    Well for me,Sorry,but i don't know if i'll come back,i'll have to wait and see how i feel after about a month,but it doesn't matter,almost no one likes me or even know me,so see ya
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    \~@*=.:+~Passionatly In Love~+:.=*@~/

    Ayumi is My character <3 and Akira is my boyfriend,Riku_123's character <3 so thats why i'm writing this ^^ Ayumi and Akira live together <3 their like 17,18? somewhere around there >>; BUT! They live together and love eachother <33 -Okay it starts out January 15 at 10:45 pm,Ayu and Akira are...
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    a Sonic Fanfic(it dun have a name >>;;)

    This is my fanfic about my Sonic character Ayumi,that picture i posted of her in Fanart section,it doesn't have a name though O.o well here the first part ill add more if people like it. ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~ "Hey!Tails! be back be 9 okay? Mom...
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    Avenged Sevenfold <3

    Sorry but I love A7X,Their probly one of my all time favorites,i love everything about them and how some of their songs can relate to somethings in some peoples lives like mine,I dun care if you hate them But i Love them and my fav. song would be... Beast and the Harlot at the moment Bat Country...
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    i need help..on something

    well see i have a PS2 and so does my older brother..but my sister gave us her Xbox and it belongs to our mom..my brother says he should get it since i have an Gamecube and DS... Now I bought a Cord for all 3..and he stole it and the Xbox and my game..what do i do?
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    ;-; i need keyblade help...again

    i need an idea for Ayumi's keyblade ;-;
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    Ill be gone for a lil while ;-;

    well to my friends who know what happened wif my parents,ill be gone for a couple weeks sorry ;-;
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    which is cuter??

    yeah,so i've been thinking...>>;; which is cuter? Rikku x Tidus.. or Tidus x Yuna ;-;
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    ~@~.:The Riku_123 Fanclub:.~@~(

    I Love My Kinky Sex Kitten <33 So,He gets his own FC ^^ Hes Soooooooooooooo Cute <33