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  • Straight trash.

    I felt bad paying money to go see it. Man I was soo excited for it too :C
    It is.

    Like wtf was durza even riding during that battle? It makes me soo sad just thinking about it.
    exactly. There's so many small things that are important later that they left out.

    Gawd. I remember reading a newspaper article that said Eragon had the potential to be "The next Star Wars."

    Heheh, keep dreaming. It had the chance to, but the movie was trash.
    it was pretty amazing how they kept the same voice actor. Did mickey's voice actor die?
    Yeah, I was impressed by the CG.

    And yeah, I didn't understand why they did the movie the way they did. I don't even think it's possible for them to make eldest, because Eragon ended with Ayra leaving.

    And Brom's death in the movie was a failure.
    Yeah, I've just never really met anyone who has enjoyed it.

    But yeah, definitely one of my favorite series of all time. The movie and video game were absolute trash though.
    I knw, i hate how in one game they sound cool. And in the sequel, they sound retarded.
    yea, but the one in KH1 was more important. I think everybody had a different voice in re:com. lol.
    I see, mine is prasungeet445. talk to u on AIM later,kk? Have u found any news on BBS?
    Naruto is about ninjas but, it doesnt have fast kills. But has a good storyline, and is widely popular.
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