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    Resolution ..

    yo yo yo yoy oy oy oy oy yo yo yo y
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    Thoughts concerning the secret ending ..

    During the secret ending as AtW speaks with aqua ..he mentions that it's been a year since he last saw sora. the last time he had actually seen him was when his heart decoder blew up at the end of KH2 and he disappeared. my guess is that upon its explosion, Atw was transported back to the realm...
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    Riku's voice? ..

    maybe this is just me? ..but after seeing some cutscene footage of days in english ..ive noticed that riku doesnt sound like riku at all? lol ...im thinkin either theres a new voice actor for him ..or david gallagher really made no attempt to make his voice sound as young as it should?? maybe...
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    Fight Club

    Probably my favorite movie great story ..great action ..and just bizzare lol opinion??
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    Manhood and Beards..

    So being seventeen ..im not completely finished in regards to growing and development, though this isnt the point ..im kind of mid-way through the process of being able to grow a beard ..about 3/4's of my cheeks ..about half of my neck ..and my entire chin - all have excessive ammounts of hair...
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    Keyblades and armor

    So i dont really have much of a basis for this idea other than the physical appearences of the keyblades and armor we see in the kh2fm+ ending worn by aqua terra and ven ..but basically - i noticed that the color of their armor shares not only the same type of general design/structure (ill...
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    Behind Blue Eyes ..

    Maybe this is significant, though it most likely isnt , but i found it interesting nevertheless .. Upon looking at the hq scans of aqua, terra, and ven from up close ..as well as various images of sora, riku, mickey, xion, kairi, and MX ..i noticed something .. every human weilder of the...
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    Xehanort and his keyblade?? ..

    So i cant say that i necessarily agree with this myself but i think its something worth mentioning nevertheless.. As far as we know - there is no physical proof which links Xehanort to the keyblade and provides a basis for us believing him to be a wieler (we've never seen him use one) ..granted...
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    Mayday Parade

    Great fuckin band to say the least ..the quality of both their EP and first album are great - pretty much EVERY song is capable of being stuck in your head for hours on end.. they got a new album coming out in october i believe though and im rather disappointed to say that the 2 songs they've...
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    Kingdom Hearts without Disney ..

    Can you imagine what kingdom hearts would be like if disney were not involved AT ALL?? ..no disney worlds, characters, or influence whatsoever ..purely original (with the inevitable FF inclusions) ..not to say that the story would be different at all ..just substitue every role disney played...
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    Kairi, the next keyblade wielder?? ...

    So this hasn't been talked about in a little over a year and i thought that id elaborate on it ..its going to be rather long though so if you dont have the patience ..you might as well leave now .. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- thus far, kairi's...
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    Pretty Confused About Xion

    I'm one of those people who don't care about being "spoiled" in regards to what happens in days ..if it were up to me, the "everything we know about 358/2 days so far" thread would be completely redone to reveal EVERYTHING haha .. that being said ..ive gathered enough to know that xion and...
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    Terra/ Ven's connection found in Xemnas/Roxas

    I think this deserves its own thread given the significance of it.. watch what xemnas does as he walks away from roxas (the pat on the shoulder/word we dont hear him say)?? C_mIKHQoqGI now watch terra do nearly the exact same thing to ven (says friend sarcastically before patting him on the...
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    REMAKE: A Detailed Look and Analysis of MX's Power

    http://forums.khinsider.com/future-kingdom-hearts/116266-detailed-look-analysis-mx-s-power.html ^^So i originally made this thread as a means to explain the Blue KH that appeared in the Birth By Sleep trailor (the one that MX summons), as well as other various things ..however id like to...
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    Inheritance Cycle (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and future book)

    So i recently decided this series might just be worth giving a glance to ..and after finishing all 3 books, i must say that it has grown on me tremendously and at the moment, is on my top 10 lis of all time favorite fantasy books/series'. i personally think the movie is complete and utter, for...