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  • Well, giving up on people as a whole is an entirely different matter, though I make no promises on that. I just meant to give up on you. I mean, like you just said, "no matter how serious the feelings between us are, what could ever happen," though at this point I think we can tell this whole thing has been pretty one sided from the start.
    What parts of this do you want put behind? You've just left me confused on this whole matter. I mean, do you really not understand my frustration? Between you telling me not to give up and hitting on other guys I'm just getting some mixed messages here. I don't know what to think. I'm sorry Brianna, but I'm really disappointed in you...
    If he ever decides to talk to you? What the hell? He's spent the last few weeks practically throwing himself at you, and only now that you're being held accountable for your mistakes are you not taking his attention for granted?

    Don't you fucking dare play the self pity card.
    Well? What is it you want me to do? I'm honestly not sure at this point. No doubt I've probably ruined your night with the hell I've raised and lost favor by doing so.
    It's not really any of my business, I know.

    And I'd offer you some advice or someone to talk to about it all, but it looks like you've got that covered by...everybody.
    I honestly don't know. Sorry for being jealous and stingy, but it's not exactly something I can help.

    Really, I have no right to get mad at you for being a flirt as if we were actually in a relationship. I should have just taken the highroad and given up quietly without making a public display in two threads and numerous member profiles, but, well, I didn't.
    Sorry, but, with my personality on these types of matters, it's just hard for me to not question that.
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