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  • xD sorry about that.
    And if you do don't drink it in excess <_<

    Yeah it's not that old but it's lacking, and upgrading this piece of junk is worthless. It would cost more money to upgrade my PC then buy one actually :\ still I will be getting an inflow of cash soon, so a PC (and possibly a graphics tablet) might be on the way soon... who knows.


    I think this is the last one for the night on my end; I've been lacking sleep lately, so night <3 talk to you tomorrow.
    At one point it was said I needed them, but eventually those acqusations were false leading me to having decent teeth today. Still, spacers for practically all victims patients are a bitch to get used to and are very painful. And it's not so much as their genes really, nurture and defects are to blame ;D

    You could always try asprins or even small amounts of rum to remedy the pain (Or am I thinking of teething?). Sorry if I am not really helping all that much v.v

    Oh and it's only a PC from 01, still it's a piece of shit compared to the other beauty's out there. It just gets the job done, but I need more power....POWAH! *cough*............ <_< meh just like PC's, game systems, iPods and other electronic devices decide when they want to work. Unfortunately usually at the worst times -_-
    Glad you do <3

    Sounds like you've had a busy...couple of months? Since we've talked that is :D! ugh, I can't say I know how it feels but I know pain.. spacers :< But braces aren't as bad, although it varies from person to person, sorry you have to go through with that.

    Oh that's good, other then the internet getting finicky; my PC does the same from time to time, not the internet itself. It's quite old :$
    I'm glad you remember me <3 and yes it's been ages, I've been fine, just doing my duties and trying to enjoy life as best as possible. How about you? Has your internet issue been resolved yet?
    Well, if you can get on, do so. I have access again, but unless it stays for a while, I'm not going to be sure about how reliable it will be.
    Alexx wanted me to let you know that he's having server issues.

    He would like you to get on msn if possible.
    No problems ^_^
    Aw why not? humbugging is fun, and I love the lollies hah

    Wait, I know you wouldn't what? Beat me? ;D
    ...o_o wow... that's a lot... of stuff... need help? xD

    Me? bah humbug, I'm still no good
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