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  • Fun fanfic fact of the day #3

    The decision to give Xion a different and unique form of the Kingdom Key as her keyblade in the Guardian Chronicles came from convenience and my prediction for her character growth in the future.
    Almost forgot about this one heres your second fun fanfic fact of the day.

    Mr. Mogblanc the moogle that runs the concourse shop in Twilight Town is named after two moogles both of which are playable within their respective games they are Mog from Final Fantasy 6 and MontBlanc from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.
    Fun Fanfic Fact of the day
    Hi everyone wanted to start posting something small daily and thought hey posting fun facts about my stories and the decisions within them would be perfect for this. So without further ado here’s your first fun fact

    Joey and Carter the two boys Roxas saves during the beginning of An Ambush Anomaly were given their names to pay homage to the English voice actors for Sora and Ventus/Roxas respectively. Sora and Ven have given so much to Roxas I thought it be nice for him to give something to them in return.

    these fun facts will come at an earlier time tomorrow onward please look forward to them.
    Annoucement new side story series‘ for the Guardian Chronicles are in the works they are as follows

    The Guardian Gaiden’s: Twilight Town Gang- a series of stories revolving around the Twilight Town gang after Kh3 and before the Guardian Chronicles.

    The Guardian Gaiden’s: Radiant Garden and Destiny Gang- a series of melody of memory, post melody of memory and KH4 stories revolving around the scientist trio and the Destiny island quartet

    The Guardian Gaiden’s: Cross Kingdom Fantasies- a series of primarily Kh4 stories focusing on the Final Fantasy, Twewy and Disney Town characters.

    The Twilight Town gangs Guardian Gaiden will be coming out first and is heavily connected with the Scala and Wayfinder gangs Guardian Gaiden

    Hope you look forward to all of them!
    Hi everyone both fans and newcomers alike I am Alexxio and go by Alexx_M on ao3. I’m a big fan of Kingdom Hearts and Twewy. And just started my Final Fantasy journey with FF7R. I currently have two ongoing Kingdom Hearts fanfiction series both of which are connected. I’ve decided to use this profile to post updates and behind the scenes stuff on the main fanfic series The Guardian Chronicles, chat with fans and tease other projects. I also have a thread for the side story series The Gaurdian Gaidens: Scala and Wayfinder gang here on this very site. I will leave links to the thread as well as both The Guardian Chronicles series page and the side story series page below.
    Please feel free to leave comments.

    the thread- https://www.khinsider.com/forums/in...and-project-report.234726/page-2#post-6651775

    The Guardian Chronicles page- https://archiveofourown.org/series/2367595

    The Guardian Gaiden’s: Scala and Wayfinder Gang page- https://archiveofourown.org/series/2896575

    I hope you all enjoy reading and may your hearts be your guiding keys
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