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  • yeah i tried ignoring him but that didnt work, i had to cut ties with him but it is much better, and thats cool that our going to collage, what are you taking?
    yeah well see thats the thing. i really cannot say what is on his mind nor do i know. i was nice to him in middle school, so maybe not all just looks but then again i dont know. i dont use fb that much but when i do he wants to talk to me and it is always him asking me if i am coming to his party for the 10th time this week. so i say the same thing, "no' justin i cannot make it cause it is toooo far to bus too, and i hate to tell you this but i do not like you that way." im not joking i tell him that every day. but yes now that he is gone i feel alittle better. and yes, chris is a very nice man, and more cut and charming than a kitten wearing a top hat. we dont use the "L" word yet (no, not lesbian scott im not trying to trick you) but your luck will change. i know mine did :)
    thanks it does. i am hoping that not having the temptaton of my fb will help him move on. but some times i think he has shoet term memory loss cause i tell him i am seeing someone and i really REALLY dont see him that way and we are just friends. 2 hours later he will ask me out again....sigh. i know what i did was right but i still feel like a bad guy. but hey i have been in your sitch before. i loved this guy but i could not be with him, now i have a wonderful man even though older we share alot of things together. and hopefully share lots of memories together. and you will to. :)
    lol exactly!! sigh...man i had to do some thing shitty to a nice guy today.
    he is this nerdy stalker and he creeps on me on fb all the time and i hate it ha leaves the most creepiest comments on my pics. he knows i have a bf and he still asks me out on dates and one time asked if i would take prom pics with him even though we have been out of school for a year now. im having my b-day party next week so i sent out invites i didnt invite him and 2 minutes after i sent the invite he asked if he could come and that is when i told him ithat i am deleting him. i feel bad :(
    lol yeah me to. i finshed recoded a few days ago. i like it more than i like 358/2days though
    good working hard and playing kh. other than that not much else. how about you?
    we're streaming harry potter and the philosopher's stone live on our channel, so join us!

    khinsider - live streaming video powered by Livestream
    Its a 2D mmo where you create your own character and fight heartless. The more you fight, you will level up and be able to travel to new worlds. Almost all worlds from KH1 and 2 are featured. There is a story that is developing but it is optional. There are guilds you could join. Its kinda hard to exlpain but once you start playing it, you will figure it out. Heres a trailer one of the members made- YouTube - Sealed Memoirs Trailer
    how do you play that kh mmo you were talking about.i can't get past the first page as in i don't know what to do.
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