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  • Hey takory. I've added your 3DS friend code. Mines is: 1461-6626-5698 and my nickname is Soso. ^_^

    I'm not completely sure but it looks that your thread is posted in the wrong section and there's a Nintendo General thread that has some 3DS friend codes listed there already. Not to worry though, everyone makes mistakes, hopefully a mod can help.
    Good for you! Only time will tell and hopefully he will get over it. And I am hoping to transfer to Kent State University for Animation and Game Design. Its not official yet. Im still really worried that I wont get accepted.
    Seems like this guy cant take a hint. Your only options are to keep telling him that or ignore him. I know it must suck because he was/is your friend. But it will be better in the long run. Facebook can get pretty annoying lol. I have been using it less and less. But anyways, its good that youre in a happy relationship now :) And I knew that you were not a lesbian lol. And thank you. Im not having much luck but hopefully, I will be moving away next year for college and I will get a fresh start.
    Well I am glad I was able to help. Do think truly likes you as a person or does he just like you because your attractive? Thats a really touchy subject. I dont mean to scare you, but the guy kinda sounds like hes obsessed. So you definitely made the right choice by blocking him. Just see what happens over time. Facebook can be really bad for that kinda thing. I have one but I dont use it too much. And I would never be in the situation that you are in now and Im sorry that you have to deal with that.
    But it is cool that you are in a relationship with someone that you do love. Your really lucky. And thanks for saying that I will too :) Im trying. I have horrible luck D:
    Well, Im sorry you had to do that. But that might have been the right decision. If you dont like him, he needs to know to just move on. Believe me, I have been in his situation before. Im not a creepy stalker but I have really liked a girl that has a boyfriend before. Its one of the worst feelings when you see someone you care about with someone else. Im not taking his side though because he is handling it the wrong way. You dont ask a girl out on a date when shes in a relationship. Thats pretty much asking her to cheat on her bf. I understand how you might feel bad for what you did but it was probably the right decision. Maybe after some time he will learn how he is acting is wrong and you guys might be able to be friends again. I hope this was able to help you.
    Me too. There was a lot more variety to it and it really recaptured the magic of the first game for me. It was really nostalgic.
    Just playing some KH and a few other games. I finished Re:coded the other day and now Im doing some of the extra stuff. And now I want BbSFM!
    I just looked at my visitors and i saw takory and I thought "theres no way thats the same takory from youtube" and it is lol. this is emptynessv
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