Zoo Tycoon thread, Please tell me I'm not the only one!!



May 14, 2017
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After browsing through past threads, i noticed no one made a thread on this, and that's a real shame. So I'm going to act in everyone else's stead and do this! let's go nostalgia! Okay, where do i begin, Zoo tycoon was a game published in 2006 by microsoft for the PC., where it was met with good reviews. It's like every other tycoon game, but this time you build a zoo with a wide variety of animals in it, and you can potentially murder your zoo guests using said animals. Now i didn't play the original, but i did play the complete collection, which contained the original and the two expansion packs.

This was my only game on my pc back in the day aside from solitare, and I played the heck out of it! this version came with a premade zoo for you to start out with that had polar bears, lions, dolphins and hammerheads in it. So what i chose to do was to purposely make myself go bankrupt in the most amusing way possible, here's how!
Step 1: when the dolphins go to perform their show, place a blue whale (or baleen) in their enclosure, no real reason, it's just something that i always did.
step 2: with the whale in the enclosure, go over to the northern area of the map and build a mammoth enclosure and have their trumpets attract the guests attention.
Step 3: wait until Santa Claus flies across the map (he actually does tihs, i swear) and then choose a guest to swim with the hammerheads
Step 4: after the sacrificial lamb sleeps with the fishes, reenact the lion king by placing a bunch of hyenas, a monkey, and a warthog in the lion enclosure. Then release both polar bears and lions into the park to roam free.
step 5: Fire every worker in the park so they can't control the situation, then watch as your funds enter the negative zone, Congratulations, you've got blood on your hands and a ruined zoo on your hands!

This was really the only thing i could think to do in the game, while simple i couldn't grasp the concept of the campaigns, so i just did freeform. This would entertain me until we had to update our computer, and that meant that i couldn't play this wonderful series ever again, that is, until the sequel came out.


May 16, 2018
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I loved this game growing up, I had the first one, the second one and the one with the dinosaurs. One of my favorite things to do was to let loose the animals and watch them wreck havoc on the zoo. When I had unhappy guests, I either put them in with the animals to be eaten or locked them in their own enclosures. I did play fairly most of the time, but it does make the game funner when you break rules, lol.