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Xehanort's Story

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Nov 23, 2007
Here is a story me and a friend made up with it's only about Xehanort i didn't want to add anyone else so don't mention it.

A young boy with an unknown name and his master set off for a journey. His master was named Xehanort. Both held a keyblade and yet both had a keychain. Thus another student denied them going for yet another power told them not to. The student was Terra but yet never knew that MX had another as an experiment. MX told him to stay and couldn't go. Terra was told that he was weak and that the young boy was more important to his mission. Yet MX and the young boy sets off. Soon they made a place to study a mass of things. All of a sudden an experiement went wrong. But soon they learned what it wanted. It was described to go wild and fast. They learned to control it but thus it was set loose. Also the young boy and MX learned something that they never knew was possible.
Thus Terra and more people came after them for they darkness the set loose. MX and the young boy set off to stop them before they are stopped. The young boy hadn't followed his masters orders. He was to delay them but instead he wanted to kill the others to make sure they wouldn't follow period. Thus meanwhile they took other paths. Thus Terra meets up with the young boy. After a hrd fight Terra hits the young boy helmit off. Terra say how young he looked and that he freely gave himself up to darkness because of his eyes. Also to put it worst he was MX own son. Thus winning the young boy ran off. Terra shocked that he would have such powers didnt follow him. Fights went on and more. Then one day they two teams met at gathering place that was about a war. It was a war against keybladers. Dark versus light. They fought there and after it seems MX had won something happened. The keyblades VAT picked up they understood and used their powers. MX dissapeared but the young boy only knocked out from a hard blow.
Mickey stopped the others from killing him for he didnt remember anything. Mickey asked him something and he said he was Xehanort but with his memories of a kid. Mickey thought that he could be of use and maybe change him. He was taken to Ansem. Ansem saw the power the person had and the weird color of his eyes. He thought he can make people into that. But during all that he regained his memories but used Ansem name now. Thus leds to KH story.

Its just a story not a theory. We just got bored and wrote it. We left some things out just so we can put it up. So what does everyone think?
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