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What worlds do you NOT want to see in a future game? w/explination


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Apr 9, 2007
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Prior to the reveal of Monsters Inc., I was thinking an Inside Out world would take place in Ven's mind & feature his version of the 5 emotions (who would all conveniently be identical to Riley's) A lingering memory of Vanitas would serve as the world's boss, kidnapping the 4 negative emotions to fuel his powers & trigger Vanitas' will taking over Ven's body again.
I wish this happened. Now they can do that for maybe Xion or Namine, if they decide to have one of them tied to Girl X somehow.

Maybe Inside Out wasn't the best example for what I was trying to say. Basically I would rather any Disney world (even one based on a movie I dislike) with an actual Disney boss fight over a Disney film I loved turning into a world with a giant heartless fight. Like if I'm going to explore Atlantica for hours, I better get a good fight with Ursula.

I get that some worlds can be an exception, like I can understand not fighting Gothel. But not having a heartless possessed Zurg fight or Unversed-aided Randall fight was just odd. They could have even recalled how KH1 handled some fights - The Queen of Hearts had a health bar and was part of a fight, Clayton was in the background while an appropriately themed heartless fought us, they even gave us Shadow Sora in NeverLand which was a very imaginative way of (no pun intended) foreshadowing Sora's fate in Hollow Bastion AND using a reference to Peter Pan. Even if they weren't allowed to fight, they could have had us at least have some sort of gameplay conflict with the villain. We could have had to find Gothel in the shadows to get the satchel back for Rapunzel (referencing "Mother Knows Best" scene) and we could have actually seen Randall slither along the factory line as we chased him and ultimately catch him (give us some triangle mini-game thing to "beat" him and initiate the cutscene). It was a letdown that they just ignored using any Disney villains in any capacity besides cutscenes. The only world that I would actually allow a pass and welcome a giant heartless is Arendelle, but a sword fight with a possessed Hans would have been cool. KH3 was really lacking non-Organization humanoid bosses.