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What is Organization XIII Role in Kingdom hearts 1?



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Jul 3, 2013
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Hi all,

I beat the game and got the secret ending which I presume to be Organization 13 members in the dark city (in the rain) where their hoods are on etc.

I'm curious tho -- as it pertains to JUST kingdom hearts 1, what is Organization 13 doing?

What is O13's whereabouts and such.

Any info on this part of the story is helpful. Some spoils are ok!


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Aug 8, 2013
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They're not doing much, just working in the background, possibly still gathering their original members for all we know. Unfortunately, we have very little info about what the Org is up to between BBS and CoM, and there are just over ten years in that gap!

There are only three things that, in my mind, could or certainly did take place during KH1:
  1. The thing we know the Org did during KH1 and actually get to see is when Xemnas comes to test Sora by battling him as the Unknown in KH1:FM.
  2. Some of the early days chronicled in 358/2 Days definitely took place during KH1. This isn't going to be very enlightening, however. We're talking about a very small period of time at the end of KH1, and we don't even get to see the first week of Days except in flashback. Also, Days never says for sure when KH1 ends, only when CoM starts. For all we know, KH1 ended during that first week! Still, two important things happened during KH1 for sure, even if they were mostly off-screen: the recruitment of Roxas into the Organization, which we see in brief flashback, and also the creation and introduction of Xion using the memories taken from Sora in KH1:FM, which we don't get to see at all!
  3. Logically, every big scheme that played out during CoM, Days and KH2 was probably being planned and prepped for during the events of KH1. Vexen certainly spent some of his time during KH1 researching and refining the Replica technology,. Marluxia spent time networking, planning, middle-managing, preparing to stab his bosses in the back with a six-foot scythe, all that usual corporate stuff.
  4. We see a scene in KH2:FM+ where Xigbar talks about recruiting Marluxia and gossips about some deep, dark secrets with Zexion. We have absolutely no idea when this scene took place. Maybe it took place during KH1, but I don't think so, since the Org still has to recruit their #12 (Larxene) after their #11 (Marluxia), so it would only be reasonable that the scene happened even further back in time. Still, this scene is our biggest insight into what the Org was doing during those 10+ years, and the answer is "not a lot."
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Jun 11, 2013
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Organization had no reason to intervene in anything. Now it could be a coincidence that Sora never crossed path with Organization members doing recon work in world.

Or it could be Xemnas purposely had them never interact with Sora for some evil and undefined reason.