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What do you think would happen if Mickey bought the Book of Prophecies in his journey from Scala ad Caelum?



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Aug 25, 2021
Note: This will contain the plot of KH Re: coded and KHUX so before reading this post. Study the plot of these two games first if you don't want to get confused.

Yen Sid mentioned to find out more answers about the ancient keyblade timeline, Mickey had to go to Scala ad Caelum. What if Mickey might bought a copy of the BoP and scan it into datascape? Similar to what he did to Jiminy's Journal and scan Namine's mysterious message in KH Re: coded? We all know in UX Brain gave Ephemer his BoP in the finale and maybe there's a possibility that Ephemer possibly passed down the BoP from generation to generation. If Mickey does find one of the copies, then Mickey might scan the BoP and help Data-Sora to find out the messages of the Book, and who knows inside this book might contain:

A. The Master of Master's Possible Origin Story

-I don't think the Book will contain the contents of MoM's secret origin but I don't mind seeing a glimpse of it. Maybe it won't show all of MoM's origin story but it might give us a hint about how the Keyblade War happened that takes place in the MoM's childhood. According to what MoM told to Luxu, he was just a boy that participated in the Keyblade War between light and darkness. There were other Keyblade wielders at that time and he stated that he had many comrades and loved ones but he didn't have a Master of his own despite being a Keyblade Master, meaning he created the title himself. During the battle with the darkness, it took a form similar to, but not quite, that of a human. In time, the Master of Masters lost many of his comrades as darkness overtook their hearts. Maybe this is how they will reveal the Master's origin story but then again, I don't think Mickey will find all of the answers about what happened in that timeline.

B. The Foretellers, Unions, and the Dandelions.

-Maybe this is how Mickey will find out more about the Foretellers and now the Lost Masters, the next main villains in the next arc. Mickey will find out on how the war between the Foretellers happened and how the world was rebuilt by the Dandelions. Data-Sora might meet up with one of the data copies of the Union Leaders. Ephemer, Skuld, Brain, Lauriam, and of course, Ventus.

C. The origins of the Heartless, Kingdom Hearts, and the X-blade

-The Book contains the content of a Heartless on KHX's Back Cover maybe Mickey will find more insight on how the Heartless was created inside people's hearts. And who knows Mickey might find out more answers on how the X-blade shattered into 20 pieces, 7 of Light and 13 of Darknesses, and how the Kingdom Hearts was swallowed by the darkness never to be seen again.

D. Data-Sora might meet a data copy physical manifestation of the Book of Prophecies

-In KH Re: coded. We met a digital counterpart of Riku, formed from the data contained in the digitized Jiminy's Journal, as well as a vessel for the memories contained within the journal. What if we meet a data copy of someone that acts as a digitized version of the BoP. Maybe someone like Brain, Luxu, Ephemer, or the Master of Masters. That will act as a guide to "help" Data-Sora and Mickey.

If someone gains access to the Book of Prophecies and scans it into the datascape. It will not only help Mickey to find out the answers that he is looking for but it will also help Maleficent an advantage to find out more answers that are hiding inside the Book. Maybe even someone like Xigbar/Luxu alongside the other Foretellers will join the ride to find out more answers.

Maybe this will happen in KHIV mostly for Mickey's story but what if we might get a spin-off game similar to coded to find out more answers that are hidden in the Book of Prophecies that will act as a sequel of Re: coded? Besides, it's been years since we haven't meet Data-Sora since he's been one of my favorite incarnations of Sora so far. What do you guys think?


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Oct 22, 2018
Mickey learning about the Union X/Missing Link era via the Book of Prophecies (points B and C) is a fairly likely scenario, unless the main island of Scala is still inhabited and Mickey gets that information from someone instead.

I would really love a spin-off similar to Re:coded or Dream Drop Distance about Mickey's journey to Scala and his findings there. That would keep KH alive until KH4 comes out. I'm disappointed about the lack of Missing Link news even though I don't really care about mobile games and I won't play it if it's another gacha game which of course it'll be.