Want to join an active top A-Class Ursus team?



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Dec 14, 2013
Texas, USA
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Hello everyone,

Hope all is well! A little about me... My name is Nightmarex40, and I have been on several teams within Ursus. Ranging from the no.1 team at a time and many other top ten Ursus's teams, I have enjoyed playing with some great players. Furthermore, I predominantly speak English, and use a Japanese translator time to time with my English text. Nowadays, I am on a remarkable new team in the making filled with active players, and those passionate about helping one another each week.

For some clarification: Two weeks ago, we broke apart our S-class team due to several player inactivity and some corrupted leadership by another PT leader. Within our newly made team though, Pony is an incredible PT leader, and is striving to get us back into the S-Class in due time. In just a mere two weeks, we are back at the top of A-Class!

Currently, we have 11 amazing members, and are seeking active, passionate players within Ursus to join! Whether you speak Japanese or English, all are welcome! We speak English and Japanese within our chat, and help everyone MAX GUILT too! Also, we clear all boss missions for the week, and cogently strategize for team missions as well. On another note, members promote one another's real life goals, and make sure nobody strains themselves. Overall, this is the best team I have ever been since starting KHx Chi.

I urge all those who can be active for LUX UPS, GUILT UPS, and like having fun to join!

Our top LUX player Kabobo is currently ranked 482.
Our second top LUX player is BEE whom is at 556.
Our PT Leader Pony is at individual rank 582.
My ingame player Nightmarex40 is at 1107 currently (due to some test studying/college work, but usually in top 1000 weekly :) )

Let us know if you are interested, and looking forward to having y'all join! Pony might have other criteria on required levels with your deck, but I urge all to apply!

Kindest Regards,