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Upcoming video games of 2020 (and an invitation to my blog)

Oct 25, 2018
Hello everyone! Hope you’re all doing well. Since we’ve celebrated the arrival of new year recently, I wanted to ask your opinion about the upcoming video games of 2020. What games are you especially excited about? Maybe you’re too skeptical and upset about the state of gaming industry as a whole and don’t expect anything? Some consider the arrival of 2020 the beginning of a new decade (while others state that the next decade will begin with 2021) so what are your conclusions about the last 10 years about gaming? I think a lot of people here will have some valuable and beneficial insights regarding this topic.

As for myself, I was quite skeptical for a number of years and only optimistic about the games from early 2000s. I think there are a lot of titles from that era that I haven’t played yet and should try out when I’ll get the chance. I was disappointed about aggressive monetization of games in recent years (DLC, microtransactions etc.). Nevertheless, I found myself really looking forward to some of the upcoming games of 2020 and I even wrote an article about it for a blog I’m working on. The link is here. Feel free to check it out and give feedback, positive and negative alike. I would be very thankful either way as it will help me grow as a writer. I got employed fairly recently and I very much look forward to objective and constructive response.

Personally, out of all the upcoming games I mostly look forward to the subsequent Halo: MCC PC games to launch throughout 2020 (Halo: Reach already arrived and I can’t wait to see what 343 industries did with Combat Evolved). Speaking of which, I wrote a blog entry about this franchise as well. Same with Cyberpunk 2077 preview that I made a while back. It looks like a very promising cyberpunk game that might surpass or at least challenge the legacy of the original Deus Ex and its prequels with Adam Jensen. Aside from these games, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is also one of the 2020 games that first emerge in my mind. I briefly wrote about it in this article.

Anyway, thank you for your patience and reading this far. Please leave your thoughts and comments. Much appreciated!


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Dec 14, 2018
To start off with something positive, I am looking forward to Animal Crossing, this KH DLC, and Hollow Knight Silksong. I'm not sure if these release this year or not but I'm also looking forward to Ghost of Tsushima and Ghostwire Tokyo. I remember watching the presentation of Ghostwire Tokyo at E3 a year and a half ago and loving what I heard about it. The games look beautiful, but I will be looking out for the reviews before I buy them - although Sony has a decent track record in producing good exclusives.

As far as my faith in the industry itself goes - I think the artistic side of the industry is completely dead. I typically only play between 5 and 10 games per year now but I do pay attention to all the new releases and read reviews etc. The only place I find that I'm not regularly disappointed is in indie games - Hollow Knight was probably my favorite game that I played last year.

AAA games on the other hand bank entirely on its gameplay or its story, whichever they choose the other suffers for it immensely. With the exception of some of Nintendo's AAA games like Breath of the Wild I have no confidence that any major studios can release a game with any level of artistic integrity. I'm quite sure the blame for this lies with the investors and marketing departments of these companies as well because there seems to be a checklist of tropes that studios feel they have to fill every time a game or movie is released - cheesy romance plot or, unnecessary over the top action sequences, ridiculously overly dramatic scenes, an "open world" area so they can market it as an "open world" game, etc.

All of this nonsense coupled with inadequately priced DLC and time consuming achievements that don't actually add anything has made me lose faith in the industry. They have 20+ years of games to draw inspiration from and an endless supply of stories but instead they take advantage of consumers with unfinished games and lootboxes. Sorry for all that, /endrant.
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