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Until Death Do Us Part



Dance with the Dark Side
Dec 4, 2005
The Legacy Era.
So, I introduced mangas such as: Bakuman, Akaboshi: Ibun Suikoden, Drifters (well...that one kinda faded out), and Yakuza girl. I bring yet, another series that I've been reading for a while (or for about a year).

Until Death Do Us Part is about a young girl who can see the future. She's been kidnapped by bad men and only her prince in shining armor can save her. Screw that, how about a blind samurai that has his sword hidden in his walking cane to save her? When they meet for the first time, she asks him to protect him Until Death Do Us Part.

The story gets better afterward. Currently, they're 65 chapters translated. You can read it either at One manga or Manga fox. I recommend it.