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UMvC3 Quotes: Chuck Greene



Nov 8, 2017
UMvC3: Chuck Greene

Voiced by: Peter Flemming

Theme: Firewater (remix)

Intro A: A female zombie is on Chuck's back, and he throws her off.

Intro B: Chuck is moving his neck to his left with his left hand.

Outro: Chuck gets on to his motorcycle and drifts away, with a group of zombies far behind him.

Victory: Chuck raises his right fist up, as if to pose a threat to the enemy.


Intro A: Get your hands off me!

Intro A: There's just too many....

Intro A: I JUST washed this jacket.

Intro B: Let's be quick; I gotta be back in an hour.

Intro B: You wanna let me get through, pal?

Intro B: I'll give you one more chance to come with me to the safe house.

Win: Now to get this Zombrex to Katey....

Win: Count yourself lucky I didn't stab you in the heart.

Win: It's your loss if you get bitten by a zombie. Just saying.

Off-Screen: Katey....hold on. Daddy's coming.

Off-Screen: I swear, all these nutbars are getting to be a real pain in the ass. God forbid I ever became one, let alone in some alternate reality.

Off-Screen: I gave you a chance to live and of course you refuse. Guess you're one of those people who think it's every man for himself.

(Vs. Non-specific Marvel Heroes)

Intro A: A hero? You wanna help look for survivors?

Win: God forbid any one of you from becoming a zombie.

(Vs. Wolverine or X-23)

Intro B: You call those claws? I'll show you claws.

Wolverine: I'm not gonna be beaten by little butter knives.

Win: That....actually hurt, to tell you the truth.

Wolverine's win: Now ya know what REAL claws are.

Off-Screen (Wolverine): I don't know why ya brought butter knives to a claw fight, anyhow. Not that it matters, since I have my healing factor.

(Vs. Iron Man)

Intro A: If I only had armor like yours....

Iron Man: Let's see who really has the better toys, shall we?

Win: Why can't heroes just....magically solve problems?

Iron Man's win: Pfft. You call that tech? I'll show you tech.

Off-Screen: I should probably keep "hi-tech armor" on the ideas board. It would make it a LOT faster to kill zombies, save some people, and get some Zombrex.

Off-Screen (Iron Man): You know, you kind of remind of that one kid I met who had a potato gun. That, and me making my Mark I armor from literal scraps when I was captured by terrorists.

(Vs. Doctor Doom)

Intro B: I'm guessing Dr. Evil was already taken?

Doom: You fight with primitive toys.

Win: You know....you just gave me ideas for another combo weapon!

Doom's win: Hm ha! A minor distraction.

Off-Screen (Doom): I find it laughable that you rely on mere scraps of junk to do your fighting. It has only helped you against fighting zombies in your world.

(Vs. Non-Specific Villains)

Intro A: Oh, God, not MORE crazies.

Win: This is starting to become a sport at this point, honestly.

Off-Screen: It's bad enough with so many damn zombies around. Nobody needs nutbars like YOU around.

(Vs. Taskmaster)

Intro B: You're gonna try to copy me? That's cute.

Taskmaster: I ain't lookin' to copy damn junk!

Win: Sorry, but I know every trick in the book.

Off-Screen: You'd need Combo Cards to try to be my mirror self in terms of weaponry. You wanna let that sink in for a moment?

(Vs. Doctor Strange or Kuja)

Intro A: I don't NEED any more magicians. Like, at all.

Win: At least it wasn't another chainsaw act....

Off-Screen (vs. Kuja): Man-thong....check. Gay attitude....check. Magic....hell of a lotta checks. Now I'm getting PTSD from those two magicians back in Fortune City....(shudders)

(Vs. Human Torch or Ghost Rider)

Intro B: Nice bike you got there. I'd get rid of the flames, though.

Win: Don't wanna burn down a city with a flaming bike.

Off-Screen (Human Torch): Whoa....that's a cool ride you got there, Chuck! Mine if I fine-tune it a little? Don't worry, I WON'T add flames to it.

(Vs. Rocket Raccoon)

Off-Screen: Never thought I'd come across a dirty-mouthed raccoon from space. DEFINITELY harder to tame than a tiger.

(Vs. Galactus)

Galactus: Your toys wouldn't cause a scratch on me. (Also said against Frank West.)

Galactus's win: See what I mean? Your only chance was with the Ultimate Nullifier!

(Vs. Nemesis)

Intro A: Ugh....don't tell me there's SMART zombies now!

Nemesis: ....Phenotrans....

Win: You're DEFINITELY uglier than the other zombies I've fought.

Off-Screen: Is those supposed to be something Phenotrans made up? If so, how the hell did they do it?

(Vs. Tron Bonne)

Intro B: Let's see those heads on your little pals' necks.

Tron: Hey....why are you looking at my Servbots like that?

Win: Too small, I guess....

Win (with Tron's costume on): Maybe that suit would be a better choice....

Tron's win: Please, leave us alone if you know what's good for you.

Tron's win (with Tron's costume on): This is MY suit, thank you.

(Vs. Frank West)

Frank: Chuck....why? (In zombie-fighting pose)

Frank's win: Now I'm getting PTSD from that dream I had....the one where Chuck was a psychopath.

Off-Screen (Frank): Really, Chuck? I went through all the trouble to clear your damn name, and THIS is the thanks I get? I understand that you're stressed and all, trying to find Zombrex for your kid, but still.

(Vs. Chun-Li)

Intro A: Hold it, lady! I'm not responsible for ANY of this.

Chun-Li: Chuck Greene! You have a LOT to answer for, buddy boy!

Win: I'll find the real culprit. I swear I will.

Chun-Li's win: You'd think I'll listen to a punk like you, Chuck?

Off-Screen: Listen, the footage of the bomb being set up and blowing up....that was a guy named T.K. in my show suit. I was being set up by him and his buddies.

(Vs. Chris)

Intro A: Ah, crap, not the military....

Chris: Is THIS supposed to be the suspect?

Win: You weren't supposed to arrive three days earlier. What're you doing?

Chris's win: You know, you don't seem like a bad guy....

Off-Screen (Chris): Sorry, Mr. Greene; we only saw the suspect wearing a helmet. We couldn't get his or her real face.

(Vs. Hsien-Ko)

Intro A: These zombies are just getting more and more bizarre, I swear....

Hsien-Ko: W-wait! I don't eat brains!

Win: How can I tell you're only a girl in a costume?

Hsien-Ko's win: Looks like you also know your way around weapons!

(Vs. Protoman)

Off-Screen: You know, I keep seeing everywhere around Fortune City. Slot machines, cardboard stands, what not; it's almost like you're....real or something.

(Vs. Wesker)

Intro A: So YOU'RE the bastard who made the T-Virus!

Win: Are you part of Phenotrans?!....ANSWER ME!

Off-Screen: Who the hell sent you?! Who's the leader of Phenotrans?! Tell me now before I slit your throat open!

(Vs. Zero)

Intro B: You're name's gonna be appropriate when I'm through with you.

Zero: Do you SERIOUSLY need to rely on common materials?

Win: Guess we know who the zero ISN'T.

Zero's win: This is why civilians are considered weaklings.

(Vs. Viewtiful Joe)

Off-Screen: Sorry, I haven't seen anything related to Captain Blue. I don't even know who the hell he is.

X-Factor: Now I'm angry!

One ally down: Are you serious?

Two allies down: Gotta do everything myself, don't I?

Light defeat: Katey....I'm sorry....

Heavy defeat: Nooooooooo....!!

Time over: Goddamnit! I wasn't even finished!
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