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UMvC3: Human Torch



Nov 8, 2017
UMvC3: Human Torch

Voiced by: Roger Craig Smith (voice of Sonic the Hedgehog)

Theme: World's Greatest Heroes (remix)

Intro: Torch starts out in his human form, then flames on.

Outro: The flames come off of Torch, as he turns back into Johnny, and then he waves his left hand in front of his hair.

Victory Screen: Torch is flying off, with his right fist above him.


Time to get a little spicy, if you what if what I mean.

I'll char you more than a Rare Roast Beef a la Ben Grime!

Now you're gonna know why I'm a favorite among my fans.

Win: No pepper of MINE suits your style.

Win: How come I never make any Thanksgiving dinners?

Win: Don't worry, you still have my respect....up the butt.

Off-Screen: That's that, I guess. Now I'd better head back to Baxter Building.

Off-Screen: I'd say I could've won just by riding by motorcycle, but that'd probably be overkill.

Off-Screen: Now we know who's the hotter topic NOW, huh?....Okay, maybe "hotter" ISN'T the right word for it.

Off-Screen: Just an FYI in case you forgot, I'm part of the Fantastic Four-you know, the group people refer to as "World's Greatest Heroes"?

(Vs. Non-specific Marvel villains)

Same old, same old, huh?

Win: I just LOVE to roast some guys!

Off-Screen: You know, I should probably know better than to JUST put you in jail. You're always out within the next day, anyways.

(Vs. Doctor Doom)

Hey, Vicky! Long time, no see.

Doom: You cannot stop me alone, Jonathan Storm.

Win: You made a mistake by becoming evil, you know that?

Doom's win: It would take ALL of your team to defeat me.

Off-Screen (Doom): You should count yourself lucky that I don't intend to absorb your flames, Jonathan, as much as I hate you and the other three.

(Vs. Silver Surfer)

You should've thought twice before being a herald.

Surfer: Never thought it would come to this, Jonathan.

Win: Galactus won't cause any trouble on OUR watch.

Surfer's win: Galactus would've ordered this fight....

Off-Screen: Don't worry, Surfer. Once we stop Galactus, you can live on your own, free as a bird.

Off-Screen (Surfer): I'm ashamed of myself to be fighting when I don't want to, let alone fighting one of your own. Even after I stop being Galactus's herald, I'll never stop experiencing this conflict within me.

(Vs. Spider Man)

Off-Screen: Why don't you let ME at those symbiote thingies? I'd take care of 'em, no problem!

(Vs. Green Goblin)

I remember when Doom took over Reed's body....

Goblin: Hee hee! I'd ADORE some flames for my bombs!

Win: Glad I didn't set off TOO many bombs....

Goblin's win: Thanks for the help, Johnny-boy! Ahahahahahahaha!

(Vs. Doctor Strange)

Doctor, I've come to bargain!

Win: Man, the FUN I'd have with the Time Stone!

(Vs. Ghost Rider or Dormammu)

Hellfire?! Isn't that a little overboard?

GR: Do you know what Hellfire feels like?

Dormammu: Your fires are laughably weak.

Win: That was....a lot less scary than I thought.

GR's win: Let's have a Johnny to Johnny sometime, alright?

Dormammu's win: Might as well extinguish the flames at their source!

Off-Screen (vs. GR): Guess not ALL Johnnies are created equal....ESPECIALLY when one of 'em's an evil demon skeleton on a hellfire motorcycle.

Off-Screen (vs. Dormammu): Tell Mephisto that there's two Johnnies after you. And that one them wants their soul back.

(Vs. Super Skrull)

I found you, faker!

SS: One of you is not enough....

Win: Now will you FINALLY stop showing your face around Earth?

SS's win: Tell you friends that I'll be expecting them soon!

Off-Screen: Anyone ever tell you that you sound like how Doom does on the Super Hero Squad show? Not the best way for people to mock a public enemy, in my opinion.

Off-Screen (SS): I never forgot the day when you hypnotized me into being a cow; I'm STILL angry about it.

(Vs. Wolverine)

Off-Screen: I'd pay for a claw-off between you and T'Challa, just as long as it was clean.

(Vs. Pheonix)

Jean....just let me help you!

Win: I don't want you to keep suffering, Jean!

Off-Screen: If I ever got a taste of the Pheonix force, who KNOWS what would happen then.

(Vs. Shuma-Gorath)

Man, you are SO ugly.

SG: Your flames cannot defeat chaos!

Win: That's the last time I eat calamari....

SG's win: The fire you create could be useful to me....

(Vs. Thor)

Off-Screen: Look, Thor, you KNOW I'm not with Surtur just because I can make fire. That's like saying Bobby Drake is with Ymir just because they're both ice men.

(Vs. She-Hulk)

Really, Jen? That water balloon prank was a day ago.

She-Hulk: Don't expect to pull funny stuff with ME and get away with it.

Win: Note to self: NEVER prank someone who's gamma-radiated.

She-Hulk's win: Not so funny NOW, are you?

Off-Screen (Hulk): Just an FYI for the future, Johnny; if you LIKE having fists in your face as a result of pranks gone wrong, then just keep doing you. You're fantastic at it, after all.

(Vs. Galactus)

Galactus: Do not try to stop me, fire boy.

You NEVER learn, do you?

Galactus's win: That's ONE of the Fantastic Four crushed....

Win: Reed and co. should've been here to see THIS!

(Vs. Tron Bonne)

Only 41? Shouldn't you be rich or something?

Tron: Don't get yourself near any oil, mister!

Win: Well, either way, don't get yourself in any trouble.

Tron's win: Thank goodness we didn't blow up!

(Vs. Chuck Greene)

Off-Screen (Human Torch): Whoa....that's a cool ride you got there, Chuck! Mine if I fine-tune it a little? Don't worry, I WON'T add flames to it.

(Vs. Zero)

🎶Zero to he-ro! Da da da!🎶

Win: What, wrong time to make a reference?

(Vs. Rashid)

Outgoing like ME, huh?

Rashid: Don't be reckless around my winds!

Win: I've endured wind before. Granted, a force field helped me live. AND I didn't flame on.

Rashid's win: Glad you don't die when the wind takes out your flames!

Off-Screen: That fight alone was more comfortable than being stuffed in an asbestos sack by a monkey.

(Vs. Kuja)

Off-Screen: I hear the circus is hiring, clown face! THERE'S an opportunity for you!

(Vs. Chris Redfield)

Something about you sounds familiar....

Chris: I feel....weird about this.

Win: Bet I could pull a voice like you!

Chris's win: It's the tip of my tongue, I KNOW it.

Off-Screen (Chris): You sound a bit TOO familiar....almost like that blue hedgehog from the video games.

(Vs. Amaterasu)

A dog who's a sun goddess? I think I need to go to space less.

Win: Okay, now I KNOW I need to go to space less.

Off-Screen (Amaterasu, via Issun): Think that Ammy's flame disc is sick? Wait'll you see what her Celestial Brush can do!

(Vs. Viewtiful Joe)

Win: If I was making a Fantastic Four movie, I'D do it RIGHT.

Off-Screen (VJ): Not to be racist, but why did FOX HAVE to make you black in the latest movie? They're even faithful to your character or anything.

(Vs. Morrigan)

Hey, sexy! Wanna tango?

Morrigan: It seems he's interested in my seductions.

Win: It's no surprise that I get the girls, is it?

Morrigan's win: Come on, it won't feel so bad.

Off-Screen: Don't go overboard tonight, okay? We're meant to be starting small with this date.

(Vs. Firebrand)

Off-Screen: Okay, you did NOT live up to your name! Like, at ALL. It's no wonder I did this without missing.

(Vs. Arthur)

Arthur: A man who conjures fire? Have at thee, demonic mage!

Arthur: Tis even more difficult than that fiend Firebrand....

(Vs. Spencer)

Off-Screen (Spencer): Thank GOD you didn't burn off my arm. Do you have ANY idea how long it would take to repair it?

(Vs. Tenkai)

So you're Tenkai....you don't LOOK like a knight.

Tenkai: Those flames won't help you when I put them out for good....

Win: If you wanna cut souls with that scythe, take it up with Johnny Blaze.

Tenkai's win: Now, you WILL tell me how you learned your magic!

Off-Screen: I'd set you up for a blind date with Lady Death, but that'd be too easy. Not to mention it would piss off Thanos by a COSMIC shot.

(Vs. Akuma)

A fist that's killed gods? Yikes!

Akuma: Your flames are beyond weak!

Win: Thank goodness THAT didn't kill me....

Akuma's win: I could've just kicked you and still won.

X-Factor: Flame on!

One ally down: Not in my house, girlfriend!

Two allies down: You're just stoking the flames.

Light defeat: Ouch....flame off, I guess.

Heavy defeat: Graaaaaahhhh!!!

Time over: Nonononono! That clock's WRONG.

(Fun fact: The Human Torch was originally going to be in MvC3; he was fully functional. However, he was cut do to frame rate issues. Capcom missed an opportunity to put him in the PS4 and Xbox One versions, in my opinion.)