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Master Correa

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Jul 13, 2005
Where my band lives! We are the Pyrokinetics!
Two Sided: The Devil And Angel Within...

"What is this place? I never seen it before..."

"But it looks familiar, like if I have been here before..."

Those were the words of a young child, one who will soon find his destiny...

Two Sided: The Devil And Angel Within...

Chapter 1: The Beggining

"Well, I guess there's nothing here interesting" said Angel Correa patiently.

Everything was dark, it was even unbearable to see. Then a mysterious door appeared in front of Angel. He started to wonder.

"Well, now. This is strange" said Angel.

He got close to the mysterious door, wondering how it got here. He noticed the hand crafted carvings on it.

"Strange carvings, but nice. I better see what's inside..." he said.

He carefully opened the door and a burst of light came out, blinding his eyes. As soon as he took his first step inside, he noticed a very familiar scene.

"Wait a minute, I recognize this. It's one of my dreams" he said.

The dream he visualized was an old but memorable one. It was a beautiful beach, full of dark purple sand and dark palm trees. He noticed himself sitting there on a boulder next to the water. Then he noticed a dark shadowy figure in the water, someone familiar.

"That's Le!" he shouted.

The dream Angel ran to the shore and quickly jumped into the water, but as he got closer to her, she backed away. He tried to reach out for her hand, but some mysterious force was pulling him down, making it impossible to reach her hand. That's when noticed he was drowing.

" Noooooooo!" he shouted.

After all the viewing and shouting, Angel was brought back to where he started.

" Okay.... Im confused. Why did it showed my dream? Does it has a connection to something? What I am doing here? This is really confusing..." he said.

Angel kept wondering about all the questions. What's their connection? As he kept wondering, another figure stood behind him, watching over him. Suddenly Angel looked behind and saw the strange figure. The figure stood there for a while and suddenly he moved his head to his face.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" screamed Angel.

He woked up on his bed. He was still frightened about the scary dark figure with red eyes that rosed on him. He was panting and sweating a lot.

"It was just a dream. A silly dream" he said.

He looked around to see if anything happened, but there was no sign of change. He looked straight at the radio clock on his side to see what time is it. It was exactly 8:00 am.

"It's only 8:00 am, go figure." he said.

He still questioned himself what's the point with the dream. He wondered what could be the connection and what might possibly happen once he finds out, but most importantly he questioned about that dark shadowy figure who stood up to him.

"Ummmm, who is he?" he asked.

That's when the story commences...
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Master Correa

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Jul 13, 2005
Where my band lives! We are the Pyrokinetics!
Chapter 2: The News

Angel had gotten out of his bed and headed to the kitchen to get some breakfast.

"Maybe a little breakfast might help me out after that dream" he said.

He open the fridge and took out some cold light milk and Cocoa Puffs.

"A little chocolate won't hurt a bit in the morning" he said.

He sat down and started eating the whole bowl of cereal.

"This is good" he said.

Later, he went to his room and turned on the Playstation 2 to play Kingdom Hearts.

"Let's see what else Im missing in this game. Well, I have to fight in the Hades Cup, but..." he said after feeling kind of drowsy.

Suddenly, the telephone rang and he went to answer it. As soon as he picked up the phone, a familiar voiced answered.

" Hello? Angel?" the voice said.

"John? Wat's up?" Angel said.

"Dude, are you going to the school's 15th annual Festival Dance? It's today!" John said.

"What?! I thought it was Wednesday. Why today?" he asked.

"I don't know. You have to come. It's at 7:00 pm at the cafetorium." John said.

"Sure, I'll come, but I don't know..." he said.

"Let me guess... Le, right?" John asked.

"Yeah...." he said.

"Just because you had an affair with her doesn't mean you don't have to go. Besides, it will be us hanging out, you know." John said.

"I guess you're right... but if we see her, let me handle it. Okay?" he said.

"Okay, loverboy." John said.

"John!" Angel shouted.

"Sorry, man. Meet me at the entrance of the cafetorium at 7:00 pm." John said.

"Sure. See ya later" he said.

"Bye" John hanged up. Angel wondered why did they change the date of the dance, but it wasn't no corcern to him now. He hanged up and headed to the room and turned off the Playstation. Now his only corcern.... find the right clothing. He open the closet and searched for any clothes that might catch attention.

"Let's see.... These dark blue jeans might do the trick" he said. He tooked out the jeans and placed them on his bed."Ummmm, Maybe this dark blue shirt might make an impression" He placed them on the bed and closed the closet. He searched for the right shoes. "These Puma shoes will do right. Now for the accessories" he said.

He took out his Quicksilver wallet, his father's wooden necklace, his Oakley black and silver watch and name bracelet.

"Okay, now I have everything for the most sweetest and memorable event of a lifetime. I think I'll take another nap so that later I'll take a shower and dress up." he said.

He laid down on his bed and started to sleep and wonder. He had began to snooze and after a while, he felt asleep.

"Okay, let me guess... The same dream again?" he said.

" No, it is rather a disturbance to give a warning..." a strange voice said.

Angel looked back to see where did the voice came from. As soon as he looked back, he saw the same figure from his last dream.

"You!" he said.

"Yes..." the figure said. He walked a few paces close to Angel, revealing himself to Angel.

"Who are you?!" he shouted.

" I am Pumpkinhead, the volcano unleasher. I came here to give you a warning about what might happen at the dawn of night..." he voice said. The figure had an head for a pumpkin, a light green helmet and the clothing of an vampire.

"Warning? At night? What do you mean?" Angel said.

"Darkness will surround you and your love, you will be swallowed by eternal darkness and her heart shall be lost within the darkness..." Pumpkinhead said.

"What?!" he shouted.

"Consider this a warning, young one...." he dissapeared into the darkness, leaving no trace.

"Le...." Angel had woke up again, but instead of morning, it was 4:00 pm.

"What's going on? What are these dreams? Are they true?" he wonder.

"I guess it must be a bluff again, I mean dreams aren't real, just illusions. But..." he questioned.
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