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The War for Humanity


Crimson Jazz

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Oct 5, 2005
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This is a project which draws several influences from the the two Modern Warfare games and the two Gears of War games. But, this is not a fanfiction of any kind. The War for Humanity, in it's entirety, is an original work of mine. I hope you all enjoy it. Comments, critiques, and constructive criticism are more than allowed.

The violence and language in this story may not be suitable for those under 13.


Ingenius Entertainment Presents

A Crimson Jazz Production​

It is the year 2145. Ever since the 22nd Century began, humanity has been executing a project known as the Galactic Colonization Effort, created to combat Earth's overpopulation problem. Terra-forming became the newest sensation. But, one particular planet found by humans was unlike no other. This planet was soon known as... Pandora. Pandora held something special: a phosphorescent, low-viscosity, energy fluid known as "Spectre." With the use of Spectre, Pandora became the largest human colony, solving Earth's overpopulation problem.

Pandora became a beautiful, peaceful planet inhabited by humanity.

But, that peace was soon broken.

Spectre was manipulated. It was sold, smuggled, exposed, and stolen. Over several decades, the Spectre Wars took place between various human countries, tearing the beautiful Pandora into a disgusting warzone. With many casualties, the war finally ended with the United Nations stepping in with the creation of the Unified Colonies under Earth (UCE) and it's subsidiary, the United Nations Defense Force. Peace seemed to return to Pandora, and the planet began rebuilding itself back to its glory years. But, that peace was once again broken on that fateful day of the Invasion.

A ravenous force known as the Gaiark Clans burst from unknown edges of space, attempting to make the human race their slaves. The UNDF, unable to defend against the sudden attack, was routed, and the Gaiark took control of 45% of Pandora's urban, military, and manufacturing centers within 24 hours. The UNDF ordered any survivors to Rolimdor, a safe haven from Gaiark attacks. In the 20 years since the Invasion, the Gaiark continue to attack the fortified Rolimdor and force the UNDF to turn to the infirm, the young, and the condemned to replace their dwindling numbers.

Captain Jeffrey MacMillian, a young soldier previously apart the United Nations Marine Corps, was one of the very best in the war against the Gaiark. But, he become an inmate, serving a sentence to life in prison for abandoning his team in order to make a vain attempt to save his mother, civilian scientist Mary MacMillian. But, he is rescued by his best friend and comrade, Alexander Fierro. They must now escape the prison and regroup with the rest of Alex's squad, Task Force 828.


Act I

"Welcome to the Eight-Two-Eight"
Day 1 - August 28, 2145, 8:52 A.M.
Jeffrey MacMillian
James T. Kirkland Penitentiary

"Escape the penitentiary."

August 28, 2145, 8:52 AM. Former United Nations Marine Corps Captain Jeffrey MacMillian's birthday. He didn't care. No one would care for the birthday of an officer that went AWOL. For the past two years, Jeffrey has been rotting in his cell at the James T. Kirkland Penitentiary. He could still hear the gunfire and the bombings going on outside. And to him, it sounded like the humans were losing. He didn't care for that either. Still, some part of him wanted to escape his cell and get back on the front lines, where he could let out all his anger on the Gaiark.

Gaiark Crawlers, dogs of the Gaiark, were running through the piping at the penitentiary. The gunfire was getting closer. It seemed the Gaiark were raiding the place. But he was wrong. As the gunfire grew closer to his cell, five Crawlers broke through the ceiling and into his cell. But before the Crawlers could attack him, someone opened his cell and fired at the Crawlers, killing four and scaring off one. That someone was Alexander Fierro, Private First Class. He was Jeff's best friend. Alex walked over to Jeff and helped him up.

"Well, you look nice." Alex joked, seeing filth and grime covered all over Jeff's black body. His beard was rugged and had a few gray areas.

"You don't get much time for showers when bombings are going on around here." Jeff said.

"Still got that sense of humor, I see. Here, put this on. Welcome back to the world, Private." replied Alex, handing Jeff a United Nations Marine Corps uniform. Jeff scoffed at Alex and put the uniform on. Alex then handed him an M-94 Assault Rifle and a G29 semiautomatic pistol. Alex proceeded to exit the cell, but turned around and said to Jeff, "Oh, happy birthday, man. Sorry you have to spend it in this hellhole."

"Let's just get the hell out of here." Jeff retorted. He was a bit happy that his best friend remembered his birthday despite the chaos going on.

"Right. Kilo Five-Eight, this is Task Force 828-Two. I've got the package. Repeat, I have the package and am en-route the extraction point." Alex said into his radio.

"Uh, copy that, 828-Two. Be advised, you've got a squad of footsies heading towards your position. Recommend you hurry to the EP." replied the pilot of Extraction Helicopter Five-Eight. "Footsies" was the slang name for the Gaiark Foot Soldiers.

"Copy that, Five-Eight. ETA, 10 minutes." said Alex.

"What the hell is Task Force 828?" Jeff questioned.

"Best handpicked group of soldiers in the Defense Force. You're the newest addition." Alex answered.

"Sounds the Defense Force has gotten desperate." Jeff assumed.

"We're losing this war, man. Admiral Myers cleared all military personnel of their charges and had them reinstated...the ones that were left, anyway." muttered Alex.

The two of them headed towards the penitentiary's mess hall, which was only 2 klicks from the entrance. As they entered the mess hall, there was an explosion right above them. It was the squad of Gaiark Foot Soldiers that Kilo Five-Eight had warned them about. They stormed into the mess hall and began firing at Jeff and Alex. The two soldiers ducked for cover and began firing right back at them. Time was running out, and Alex grew tired of this. He pulled a frag grenade out from his pocket and threw it at the squad of Foot Soldiers. It detonated, and killed the squad. Jeff and Alex continued on the exit.

As they ran towards the exit, Jeff quickly noticed a Foot Soldier with a grenade launcher in his hand. Before the shot could hit either of them, Jeff pulled Alex to the floor. The foot soldier made the mistake of reloading without getting into cover. Jeff took a clear shot, sending a bullet straight through the Gaiark soldier's head.

"WOO! There's the headshot expert I know!" Alex exclaimed.

The two of them finally reached the exit, and the world looked the same as it did when Jeff left it; torn in chaos. They could hear multiple radio chatter between UNDF soldiers. As they hid behind cover, Jeff and Alex spotted Kilo Five-Eight. They fired at multiple Gaiark soldiers surrounding the extraction point and raced to the helicopter after the coast was clear. The two of them jumped into the helicopter, and it escaped just before the United Nations Air Force executed a bombing run on the James T. Kirkland Penitentiary to clear the place of stragglers. Jeff looked at Alex and asked him,

"So, where are we going?"

"United Nations Defense Base outside of Rolimdor. The rest of the Eight-Two-Eight is waiting for us there." Alex replied.

The helicopter, protected by two Air Force F-32s, headed towards Jeff and Alex's destination, Romlindor, a continent named after one of Pandora‘s discoverers, Jordan A. Romlindor.


12:15 PM

The helicopter reached the Defense Base. As Jeff and Alex exited the helicopter, Major George Davis, the commander of Task Force 828, walked towards the two soldiers. The Major looked at Jeff in disgust and said, "Shouldn't you been rotting in a cell somewhere?"

"You can thank Admiral Myers for getting me out of that piece of sh*t." Jeff retorted.

"Watch your mouth, PRIVATE. Thanks to you, we had to blow up one of the finest penitentiary, all because the Admiral thought you and a couple of other traitors were needed in this war." the Major snarled.

"TRAITORS!?!" Jeff yelled. He was about to attack the Major, but Alex stopped him.

"It's that kind of temper that gets our soldiers killed by a Footsie. Welcome to the Eight-Two-Eight, Private." said the Major with a smile. He then walked towards the entrance of Task Force 828's base. After calming down, Jeff walked behind Alex into the base.

"This is where the magic happens, Jeff. You're in the headquarters of the Eight-Two-Eight." Alex lilted.

Jeff saw several soldiers working at computers, polishing weapons, training in hand-to-hand combat, playing video games, and just conversing. There must have been hundreds of soldiers in the Eight-Two-Eight. He continued to follow Alex and Major Davis to the briefing room. In there, a few members of the Eight-Two-Eight met up for their next objective. Jeff and Alex took a seat next to Private Allen Ray, the demolitions expert of the team.

"WHOA! You're Jeff MacMillian!" the Private said.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm a traitor." Jeff sadly stated.

"No, no. I think it was a real admirable thing you did, going to rescue your mother." rebutted Allen.

"Oh...thanks." said Jeff with a small smile.

"Cut the chatter, Marines! We've got our orders from HQ. There's a large force of Gaiark attacking Caesars Square. Lieutenant Peters, you'll take Octane, Corporal Sanders, and Ghost to the plaza. Some marines are pinned down in there, and you're going to help them. Fierro, Ray, Private Garcia, and MacMillian, you're with me. We're going to be dropped five klicks from the city. We'll be able to sneak up on the Gaiark and hopefully repel them. Now...MOVE OUT, MARINES! GO, GO, GO!" the Major yelled.

"HOORAH!" yelled all the members of the Eight-Two-Eight, minus Jeff.

"Hoo-f*ckin'-rah." Jeff said.

“Our callsign is Alpha One. Remember that, squad.” the Major said to his squad.

Jeff and Alex, along with Private Ray and Private Fransisco Garcia, followed Major Davis to the helicopter they were going to be extracted in. They spent an hour on the helicopter. Once they reached the outskirts of the city, they all fell in line behind the Major. Getting to Caesars Square would take about an hour long, so the squad hurried as fast as they could. It was quiet. Maybe even too quiet. Gunfire could be heard, but it was very faint. The Major told the team to watch the rooftops and the alleys. You never knew what to expect when it came to the Gaiark.

After almost half an hour of walking, the team reached a large building that was cutting them off from reaching the city. It's door was magnetically sealed, but it was nothing that Private Allen Ray couldn't handle. He took out some C4 and planted a pound of it on the door. The squad made a large distance between themselves and the door. When everyone was in cover, Private Ray detonated the C4, blasting the door and sending it through the building. Major Davis signaled the squad to move inside the building.

Once they were all inside, the gunfire from the city grew louder, but was still sort of faint. A few more feet and they would be in the fight. Just as they were about to exit the building, they received a call from Marquis Franklin, who was called Ghost by his squad-mates.

"Major, this is Ghost! Our position has been compromised! Lieutenant Peters and Corporal Sanders are dead! Repeat, Lieutenant Peters and the Corporal are dead! Octane is injured, and I'm fighting for my life out here! Where the hell are you guys!?!" Ghost yelled into the radio.

"Keep fighting, Ghost! We're almost there!" the Major replied into his radio.

"HURRY UP! I'm running out of mags here!" yelled Ghost.

"You heard him, squad! Hurry up and push through!" ordered the Major.

"Why the hell do you guys call him Ghost?" Jeff questioned.

"His quiet and fast, just like a ghost, man." Private Ray answered.

"That's the stupidest sh*t I've ever heard." replied Jeff with a laugh.

"It's true, though. If someone isn't careful, he'll sneak up on you and knife you right in the chest." Alex rebutted.

"Cut the chatter! Let's get the hell out of this building." Major Davis said.

They raced through the building and into the city. Jeff killed two foot soldiers with his assault rifle while Major Davis killed three other soldiers with his shotgun. Alex, a sniper expert, stayed in the building and provided sniper support for the squad. Private Ray took out took grenades, removed their pins with his mouth, and threw them towards the Gaiark soldiers. Private Garcia was standing next to Private Ray.

After the grenades killed most of the Gaiark soldiers attacking Ghost and the injured Octane, Private Garcia fired his M-94 at the remaining soldiers. Finally, the Gaiark soldiers were finished.

“Ghost! Octane! Sound off!” the Major ordered.

Ghost picked up Octane, who was shot in the shoulder, and began to carry him. “Over here, sir! Octane’s losing a lot of blood from his shoulder. He needs medical attention.”

“Private Garcia, patch him up,” Major Davis said to Garcia, who was a skilled medical expert and hacker, “I’ll contact UN Headquarters to see if we’re needed anywhere else.”

“You’re going to be okay, Octane.” Jeff said to Octane, who was in a lot of pain.

“That should hold until we get you back to base.” said Garcia after he finished patching up Octane.

“Think you can still fight, mate?” asked Ghost to his best friend.

“Yeah. My trigger fingers are still intact, so I can still shoot.” Octane replied.

“HQ, this is Alpha One Actual. We’ve cleared Caesars Square and have rescued Ghost and Octane. We’re waiting for your orders, over.” Major Davis said into his radio. Him saying "Actual" confirmed that he was the leader of Alpha One.

Alpha One Actual, this is Overlord. I’ve got a new mission for you and your boys. A squad of Army Rangers are pinned down at 4677 Hamshire Road. Get there as soon as you can, over.” ordered Admiral John Myers. Being the chairman of the United Nations Defense Force Council, his callsign was Overlord.

“Roger that, Overlord. Over and out.” Major Davis replied, “Alright, squad, you heard the Admiral. Move out to 4677 Hamshire Road.”

“The Army Rangers are still active? After that screw-up at Dohma, I thought they would disbanded.” Jeff assumed.

“They were going to, but General McCloud pleaded to the Council to let the Rangers stay active.” replied Octane.

“My brother’s a Ranger. He says they still receive crap from civilians for the Dohma incident.” Private Garcia said.

“Cut the chatter and watch those rooftops and alleys! You never know what to expect with the Gaiark…” Major Davis ordered.

“Hoorah!” replied the rest of the team.

The squad proceeded to their next destination in hopes to save the squad of Army Rangers.


Next Chapter:
Save Our Squad
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