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Fanfiction ► The Pocket Man

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Aug 26, 2009
In a coffin.
It was a Saturday afternoon. The sun was almost completely set. Five policemen were dragging a man to the local police station. The man was bleeding from the chest and arms. Many reporters were at the scene. One of the policemen was screaming at the criminal.

Policeman #2: Bastard, how could you do this to them?!
Criminal: I'm a human, so I can think, you bitch! So I can easily--

The criminal was punched across the mouth.

Policeman #2: This should shut your damn mouth!
Policeman #1: The judge has sentenced him to death in the gas chamber. Got it?

The second policeman punched the criminal in the mouth again.
Policeman #2: Just to make sure this sucker doesn't brag again.
It was a Wednesday morning. The policeman was just doing his normal route as the deputy chief of the Special Investigations Unit of the Detroit Police Department. His name was Jason Wells. Jason had brown hair, reaching the end of his neck.
Jason: Let's see here... a report on blackmailing... blackmailing. That's something. OK. Andrew! We have a report on blackmailing!
Officer Andrew: Industrial blackmailing, ya mean?
Jason: Yep. It's in the Ford HQ.
Officer Andrew: There's already a team working on it, ya sent them yesterday!
Jason: Oh. Sorry. I'm a little amnesiac in this one. I'll look at other reports here.
Officer Andrew: Go, then. I'll buy some ammo for my handgun.
Jason: Hope it carries a lot of bullets!

Andrew had short ginger hair and dark green eyes. He was tall, only being at least 2 inches taller than Jason.

Jason: Well... a robbery... come on, the other department worked on this! Another one... "My daughter was raped yesterday." Damn, The Bandage Man again? DAVE!
Officer Dave: What's up, chief?

Dave had slightly dark skin. He had black colored eyes and long hair, reaching a little below his shoulders.

Jason: The Bandage Man raids again.
Officer Dave: That guy again? How long has he been active?
Jason: Two years.
Officer Dave: You're sure smart on this one. The Bandage Man was actually reported as that Pocket Man guy. Seems the trick got too freaking repetitive, and he changed the modus operandi last year. That's what we believe.
Jason: He'll change the modus operandi every year. As far as I know.
Officer Dave: That sucks, doesn't it? This makes things WAY harder.
Jason: What if the man has a harem in his basement?

Officer Andrew showed up at the scene, with three packs of ammunition for his handgun.

Officer Andrew: Hiya. So Dave, what's been going on?
Officer Dave: Nothing. It's just that Bandage Man bastard. Again.
Officer Andrew: Sweet mother of God, this man's been active for like, three years!
Jason: Ya mean two years. I counted it.
Officer Andrew: Cool. I wish I could fire at this fucker's balls just like that Australian granny did to that two rapists!
Jason: Andrew... the story was fabricated.
Officer Andrew: Dawg, I'm sure naive. Anyways, there HAS to be evidence. Every case must have evidence.
Officer Dave: Let's try interrogating the victims! They might know how the perv looks like.
Jason: How come I never used this method before...?
Officer Dave: Ever watched NCIS?
Jason: That's FORENSIC SCIENCE, dammit! No special investigations!
Officer Andrew: That's Law & Order you're talking about!
Jason: Yes.
Officer Dave: When will we finally restart the investigations?
Jason: When there's a really serious case.
Officer Andrew: OK, then...
Jason: All we have to do is try to find a decent report on TV.
Officer Andrew: We'll do it.

Jason looked at his watch.

Jason: Sorry, y'all. Gotta go home.
Officer Dave: 'Kay! See ya at 3 o'clock!
Officer Andrew: We'll bump sometime!
Jason: Bye, y'all!

Jason was tired, so he had to use the elevator. He walked to the parking lot, got into his car and drove home. While driving, he was listening to the local news radio station.

Radio announcer: Up next, we'll play famed Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata"!
Jason: Good. Some classic music may calm me down.
The traffic light turned red, and Jason stopped. While the lights were red, his cell phone rang. It was his close friend Steven.
Jason: Hey, Steve. What's been going on lately?
Steve: Hey, Jason! I'm watching the news. God, when will this Pocket Man fucker stop? He's already screwed like, 47% of the kids of Detroit!
Jason: Yeah, he's been active for two years. We've been investigating.
Steve: Good...
Jason: Hey man, the lights are green, gotta turn off.
Steve: Okay. See ya!
Jason: See ya.

Jason turned off the phone and continued his way home. After one minute, he arrived at his residence. He lived alone.

Jason: *Phew* Finally, I'm freaking home... I'm stinking. I have to take a shower.

After showering, Jason was preparing his lunch, fried eggs with salad. He ate it as he watched the news reports.

Jason: Same thing... assassinations, stock falls, Barcelona wins again... this is boring. That's why I like working... that's sweet.

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