the music industry



Perfect Harmony
Apr 11, 2007
Brisbane, Australia.
In regards to the 'hide your ipods' thread. I though why not? Make one about the inevitable death of the music industry, well in a way.

In case you dont know what Im talking about feel free to google 'death of music industry,' 'downfall of the music industry', or hell, even just 'music industry.'

In fact, here you go.

Couldn't be bothered searching for more.

Now, I wouldn't say I'm an expert on the happenings of the music industry in much detail. What I do know from the ramblings of my father, from reading, listening and watching is this:

Due to the wonderful internet what with its illegal downloads etc, the business is losing money. Lots of money. Why? Goes without explaining but I will anyway: People aren't buying records! They're downloading them!

Now this isn't all bad. In fact I quite like this whole not paying for music fad. However they (they being the sellers) don't. So what do they do? Put pressure pretty much where ever they can. Making downloads illegal. Trying the whole 'support the band by buying their cd' thing. And now, even accusing people of illegal downloads and taking their internets away. Treacherous if you ask me.

Finally, at least in my opinion, I think this part of the music industry will shatter and dissolve. But what will come of it? I suppose the obvious outcome will be us music lovers will be paying alot more for tickets, merch and anything not accessible on the internet.

I'm also interested to see if this will affect new bands. Will there be the same desire to become a famous rock star? Its going to be a lot harder work. A lot longer way too the top if you want to rock n roll then Bon Scott had to put up with.