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I haven't seen any threads or reports about the reports I found that are PROBABLY on KH2. I ain't sure so don't be flamin me pleez.

Ansem's Other Reports: The Diz Reports;

-Ansem's Other Report 1-
Many years of hard work has come to fruition; this world that I govern has become a paradise, aptly named the "Radiant Garden".
Flowers bloom with a fragrant aroma, raised by the pure water which brings forth life. The people pass their days with smiling faces full of hope. But wherever there is light, doubtless there is darkness lurking. As I have written in my recent report, I must decipher the mystery behind "the darkness in human hearts" to protect this paradise. Firstly, I will carry out experiments to seek out the depths of the human heart. One of my six disciples, Xehanort, has volunteered himself as a test subject. Since I found him collapsed in the street all those years ago and took him in, he has become a youth who serves me well. At that time, he had lost his memories entirely, but afterwards he began to exhibit a remarkable inquisitive mind. He absorbed my teachings incredibly quickly, and amassed a deep knowledge. He is somewhat undeveloped in maturity, but this problem is due to his youth. If I can seek Xehanort's heart through psychological experiments, I may also be able to unlock his sealed-off past. It seems that another of my disciples, Even, also has a strong interest in Xehanort's memories. But I wonder whether it is truly good that is in him.
Certainly, Xehanort possesses a rare talent... It is far too excellent. Even surpassing that of a human.

-Ansem's Other Report 2-
I have made a grave error. The research plans I made about the "darkness in the heart", beginning with meager psychological experiments, have rapidly grown immensely. As enthusiastically advised by my youngest disciple Ienzo, I have prepared a grand-scale research laboratory below the castle. Unbeknownst to me, my six disciples gathered a great amount of test subjects and began dangerous experiments into the darkness of the heart. As soon as I found out about this, I gathered my disciples and ordered a stop to the research, and to discard the results thus far. What has happened to the hearts of the six who were once my loyal disciples? While pursuing the mystery of the darkness in the heart, did they themselves lose their way in the darkness? And the most foolish thing is that it was I who originally began these experiments. Whatever the reason, the depths of the human heart should not be meddled in by others. I despaired in my own error. It was a visitor from another world who cured my grief-stricken heart.
A small king named "Mickey" carried the legendary key in his hand. Yes, it was the "Keyblade" which was said to have brought chaos and prosperity to the world a long time ago. He had a great amount of interesting knowledge, and we had enjoyable lengthy discussions, growing closer. On his advice, I decided to re-examine the data from the underground laboratory. And I discovered the "Ansem Reports". They carried my name, but the only one that I wrote was Number 0.
Numbers 1 through Number 8 were written by that man of his own volition. By the first test subject of my foolish experiment.

-Ansem's Other Report 3-
The "chaos" has spread to many worlds, not just this one. My apprentice Xehanort has, in the "Ansem Reports" which he wrote under my name, hypothesized about the process of the terrible experiments that he carried out and the "door" that appeared in the underground darkness. Every living being has a heart, and in the depths of every heart there is darkness. The same is true for "worlds". If you consider that a world has one life, it hides a great heart... And in its depths, an immense darkness. Is Xehanort trying to understand the "door" to make contact with the darkness in the worlds? No, not just Xehanort. It seems that the other five disciples, have become enveloped by the darkness as a result of their fixation on it for their research. Even, Ienzo, Braig, Dilan, and Elaeus...they have ceased to be human. And I have lost everything, exiled to a nonexistent world. Having exiled me, what could Xehanort be aiming for? Have everyone's smiling faces gone? As the light of hope has faded, I will now walk along with the darkness.
In the world of nothingness to which I have been exiled. Darkness within nothingness. "Darkness in Zero" Therefore, I will take the name "DiZ". I will cast aside the exile's name "Ansem"...and have my revenge.

-Ansem's Other Report 4-
The days spent in that beautiful paradise already seem so far as to be a vision. How much time has passed in this world of nothingness to which I have been exiled? In this world of nothingness where all existence has gone, I have barely managed to keep myself intact through rage and hatred. My heart is filled with hatred towards the disciples who were taken by the darkness, and rage at my own foolish self who was betrayed by them. Is this what it is like to be taken by the darkness? I will not continue to pass this time in vain.
What are Xehanort and the others aiming for? I must work out the mystery of the "Ansem Reports" that man wrote, stop them and defeat them. That is my mission...given to me by the world, the only way. The key is those without a heart, the "Heartless".
Embodiments of the darkness in the heart. Accursed shadows with no hearts who steal the hearts of all living things and multiply.
Where did they come from, and where are they going? The three elements that compose life...the heart, the soul, the body.
When life loses the heart, what happens to the leftover soul and body? When the soul leaves the body, which it lives in as a vessel, life dies. But if the heart is removed, what happens? Even if the heart is separated from the body, life is not destroyed. The heart simply disappears into the darkness. I have little time. If I stay in this world indefinitely, will I both have a body and know the answer? My heart is already being captured by the darkness.

-Ansem's Other Report 5-
In this world where all existence is disassembled, I barely keep myself intact through thinking and writing alone. Even with time, this world has no meaning. Here, eternity and an instant are the same. I must hurry. They have undoubtedly already begun their activity. The key to unravelling the mystery is the "Heartless". The six betrayers conducted the research which brought forth these accursed shadows. They didn't just create "pure-blood" Heartless from the human heart, they used them to artificially synthesize Heartless.
It seems that they have given these artificial Heartless a mark and called them "emblems". But whether pure-blood Heartless or Emblem, Heartless without a heart move following an instinctive desire. They simply seek out hearts and gather. With a human-like opponent, all they do is they easily remove the heart and take it into themselves, creating more companions. They do not listen to the orders of humans. But, what about the orders of stronger Heartless? If, for example, that man discarded his soul and body to become a Heartless, could he not lead the naturally unleaderlike Heartless? Furthermore, does he intend to take advantage of the Heartless' instinct? If the Heartless, who seek out hearts, are aiming for a bigger, stronger heart, the final objective is clear.
In this world, the greatest heart is..."the heart of the world". Everything is just a hypothesis, but that he is using the Heartless to find the path to the heart of the world is certain.

-Ansem's Other Report 6-
In the world of nothingness, my choice to walk along with the darkness was not mistaken. I did not refuse the darkness, nor did I fear it, and when I looked straight ahead with a silent heart, I acquired a new power. Power surpassing a human...the power of darkness.
Xehanort and the others were captivated by this power, and soon captured by it. Naturally, I do not plan to have my heart taken and be eaten up by the darkness as they were. Through this new power, I discovered the "Dark Corridor", which connects the world of nothingness to the physical world. Going back and forth freely is still difficult, but my time of exile is at an end. To prevent Xehanort and the others from recognizing me, I have taken a new form upon my return to the world of light. As I thought, Xehanort has become a Heartless. Under my name he controls the Heartless, and has taken many worlds' hearts. Xehanort wishes to use the center of the worlds' hearts he has collected, namely "Kingdom Hearts", in an attempt to call forth a great darkness and return everything to darkness. Furthermore, the other five disciples have shed their bodies. Have they become Heartless, like Xehanort?
Or did Xehanort use them and then destroy them? While seeking the truth, I found a strange "existence". When life loses the heart, the soul and body are left behind. When a Heartless is created, they disappear from the world of light and are reborn into a new existence in a completely different world.

-Ansem's Other Report 7-
It is convenient for dark existences and those without a heart, but for others the "Dark Corridor" is unsafe for frequent use.
My heart will be taken by the darkness. While seeking a place to continue my investigation and planning while hidden from them, I have reached Twilight Town. A quiet town, forgotten in the space between light and dark. I decided to move under an abandoned mansion on the other side of the forest. As a result of continuing my investigation in secret, I have made one discovery after another.
When beings without hearts, "Heartless", are born, the remaining soul and body are born in this world as a different existence.
They have different objectives to the Heartless, and I do not know what "it" is that they aim for, but as I had thought, they are existences which bring chaos to the world. While the followers of the king, my visitor from a long time ago, together with the Keyblade master, fight the Heartless, who threaten the world with darkness, a new threat is emerging in the worlds. Another threat...they have named themselves with a certain irony. They have named themselves the non-existent ones, "Nobodies". Most Nobodies have lost their human forms, like the Heartless. But the Nobodies born from those with strong hearts only change a little on the outside, keeping human form. It seems that the ones who betrayed me have become Nobodies keeping their human forms, gathered allies, and are proceeding with new plans. With the betrayers at the center, the "Thirteenth Order" has been created from 13 Nobodies, and separated into two groups, continuing with some kind of research. I have decided to go to where 6 of them are assembled, to find out the objectives of the Order. To "Castle Oblivion", towering at the end of the World In-Between.

-Ansem's Other Report 8-
It appears that I have been too caught up in the movements of Xehanort and the others, and events relating to them. Fighting between friends...the fight to protect the world of light from the Heartless threat is over. Xehanort's Heartless, the being calling himself the researcher of darkness, Ansem, has been destroyed. The "Hero" who holds a different Keyblade to the King has passed through many worlds, closed the doors' "Keyholes" and defeated the Heartless. On the other hand, having plunged into the world of darkness, the King worked together with the Keyblade Master to close the door between the worlds of light and darkness, Kingdom Hearts, removing the threat of the great darkness. But many Heartless are swarming the worlds, and the "XIII Order" and the Nobodies are working in secret. The worlds are still in great danger. I must find some means to fight the worlds' enemies. That is my atonement...and my revenge. For that reason, I have infiltrated "Castle Oblivion". From the 13th floor to the lower 12th floor, the castle's "white rooms" take and freely change around visitors' memories. Some of those from the XIII Order are conducting experiments on memories in this castle. It appears that the test subject of this experiment, a girl called "Namine", possesses an extremely unique power. What can emerge from this power of hers? I have been continuing my investigations in secret without disturbing the XIII Order. But today, a further visitor had appeared. "Sora", the Keyblade Master who defeated Ansem, and his companions. And there is the scent of darkness in the lower depths of the castle. It seems that the actors in this little drama are gathering.

-Ansem's Other Report 9-
This truly is the Keyblade Master. Sora has unraveled the XIII Order's conspiracy and rescued Namine. Namine was a witch who controls others' memories. It appears that she gained this ability through being born by a special process. Namine is a girl, but was a princess. A long time ago, when I governed the "Radiant Garden", one of the denizens was "Kairi", one of the seven princesses who support the world of light. There was no Heartless born from Kairi, who carries no darkness in her heart, and her body which should have disappeared remained in the world of light. That is to say, in the case of the Nobody called Namine, both a Heartless as evidence of a lost heart, and a body to act as the intermediary for the creation of a Nobody are missing. She is an extremely unstable existence, and therefore has no memories of Kairi. Another cause is that Kairi's heart, having been separated from her body, did not return to the darkness, but instead found another vessel...concealed behind Sora's heart. That is to say, Namine is an offshoot of Kairi, who directly interfered with Sora's heart. Because of that, she was be able to manipulate the memories of Sora and those whose hearts are connected to his. She is truly a "non-existent one". Without even becoming a Nobody, she has no place to go, and is the most fickle of shadows.

-Ansem's Other Report 10-
Sora, who lost his memories in Castle Oblivion, has gone into a deep sleep to recover them. However, I believe it will require a considerable amount of time to recover completely the memories from his birth to the present time. But Castle Oblivion is a place that was controlled by the XIII Order. I must care for Sora in a safer place. I have decided to persuade Namine to help, and take the sleeping Sora to Twilight Town to protect him. Namine. As I wrote before, she is an extremely unique existence. Born through the same process as a Nobody, but missing certain elements that characterize a Nobody. That she continues to draw pictures is possibly compensating for what she lacks...from other people's, mainly Sora's, memories. I have formed a hypothesis. I believe that Namine was born as a unique Nobody when Sora turned the Keyblade on his own body and Sora and Kairi's "hearts" departed his body at the same time. Namine was born as Kairi's Nobody. But to become a Nobody, Sora's body and soul were used as an intermediary...
When a person loses their heart, a Heartless with no sense of self is born, and the leftover body and soul are used as an intermediary to give birth to a Nobody. But what about those who chose to release their heart? Sora and Xehanort, even though they became Heartless, kept their sense of self. And in the case of Kairi and Namine. The exception that Kairi's heart had no darkness, and the exception that Kairi's heart used Sora as a vessel when she lost it...The cause may be due to all of these impossible exceptions piling up. While Sora sleeps, I will do what I must. A new ally has appeared, named Riku.

-Ansem's Other Report 11-
I have reunited with a friend from Castle Oblivion, but I could not let him know of my origins. If he were to discover the circumstances, that I was obsessed with revenge, he would attempt to stop me. I would like to talk animatedly with him like before, but...unfortunately, that is already a wish that will not be fulfilled. My friend has been fighting in the world of darkness for all this time. I believe that he most likely entered the world of darkness through "Traverse Town". As with Castle Oblivion, that town is a world between light and darkness. A world created by the gathered fragments of worlds which had lost their hearts to the Heartless.
A place where the people could escape to, having barely escaped the destruction of their own worlds. Worlds in-between are truly unstable, where the Dark Corridor frequently opens up. When a world disappears, drifters seem to pass through the Dark Corridor from their lost worlds. Doubtlessly, Sora passed through the Dark Corridor when he first arrived at Traverse Town. It seems that my friend who fought in the world of darkness followed the Dark Corridor what the XIII Order made contact with, and appeared in Castle Oblivion. The new ally, Riku, also managed to return through the Dark Corridor. He promised his help unconditionally, for the sake of his closest friend Sora. The truth is that Sora's memory restoration is taking too long. Therefore, I have entrusted Riku with the task of retrieving the other Sora...Sora's Nobody. Sora is essential to the completion of my objective. He is the Keyblade Master who will defeat the XIII Order flying about the world of light.

-Ansem's Other Report 12-
With the exception of Namine, Nobodies remember their time as humans. But Sora's Nobody, "Roxas", has lost the memories of when he was Sora. The reason for this may be that Sora spent little time as a Heartless while Roxas was left behind as a Nobody, and returned to becoming a human with a heart. Somehow, Roxas is similar to Namine. While being Kairi's Nobody, Namine was born using Sora's body and soul as an intermediary y. And Roxas was Sora's Nobody, left behind when Sora returned to being a human through not his own heart, but using Kairi's heart as an intermediary. I believe that Sora's memory restoration is delayed due to having lost half of himself, Roxas. I must turn him into data, and return him to Sora. As a member of the XIII Order, capturing Roxas presented an extreme difficulty. Riku, having lost to Roxas once, confronted him again having shed his form and wielding the power of darkness. He barely managed to bring him back. But the XIII Order are in pursuit. Here in Twilight Town is where Roxas was born as a Nobody. This is where Roxas met the XIII Order and became a member. They will discover this place in time. For the moment, I have converted all of Twilight Town into data, and formed”copy of the world” in Sora’s memories. I will send Roxas there, and devise a restoration of Sora's memories as the days pass. There is not much time left. The XIII Order's plans must also be steadily progressing.

-Ansem's Other Report 13-
Sora will awaken tomorrow. The end of my long-awaited revenge will begin. Xehanort, who took everything away from me.
Destroyed as a Heartless, his ambitions are once again aimed at the "great heart", Kingdom Hearts. His Heartless's ambition was to collect the hearts of the worlds and bring them together to Kingdom Hearts, to call forth a great darkness. But his Nobody is now collecting human hearts to absorb into Kingdom Hearts. My foolish disciple. One mystery remains. How did Xehanort open the door that appeared below my castle...? No...all theories are pointless now, when all things are coming to an end. Roxas, Ansem, Namine.
You should not have existed in theory, and yet you are truly there. Special exceptions. The theories that I and the XIII Order have put together have been exceeded by the owners of strong hearts. Sora, Kairi, Riku. Yes, Riku. There was weakness in his heart that was exploited by the darkness, but he defeated it with the hope that he discovered at the extremities of his suffering, and even retained the darkness of the heart of his enemy as his own power. I wish from the bottom of my heart that when all of this ends, he will return to that island with Sora. If I can, I would also like to return to the "Radiant Garden", and once more see the beautiful water and flowers, and the smiling faces overflowing with hope. King, my friend. I trust that you will see these true records that I have written. I wanted to talk animatedly with you again. Please forgive me, a foolish one who has become obsessed with the darkness

Pleez leave any coments `bout the report cuz, to me, your opinion counts! That last sentence was very gay. And B sure to tell other people `bout this. I think it's gonna be an interestin part of the game
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