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Slap 'em till they notice…

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Feb 15, 2009
Hadithi (Story Crew Homeworld)
Found this in the xkcd forums. The goal is to pick a person and see how many times we can post and inflict bodily harm on them with whatever means necessary before that person posts. When that person posts, it's their turn to pick a person and then we start over.

Quote your favorite post from the people who were kicking your teeth in, when you make your post.

1) No double posting.
2) There must be at least two different people before someone can be picked again. So 1 2 3 1 rather than 1 2 1, if that makes sense.
3) If it goes on for too long without a post from the victim, we can switch targets.
4) In order to be the target of the thread, you must first post in the thread. The exception is the first one, as no one is around yet and I definitely can't beat myself up.

Target: "Rezimodnar" [4]

"Rezimodnar" will be the sample target. The number next to him is his HP. Reduce it by one when you post. Once it's down to 0, the last poster must select a target among those who have already posted so far in this thread.

*throws a dumbapple at Rezimodnar*

Guess what his name is based on.
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