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Sick of the same theories?How about some more original ones?

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Twilight Hero

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May 6, 2005
Okay I am way too tired so I am going to post some new theory ideas for the game that have been developing in my head for a while.

Obviously clothes is a big KH2 issue. And there's a new merging techniquein the game. When Sora merges with Goofy, he gets a new costume. So how come nobody believes that the new costume Sora wears in KH2 is Sora MERGED wth the "incomplete" part of Sora that the EM(Enigmatic Man) talks about in Final Mix. Although I am pretty sure he said "STILL not complete". THat would contradict this possibly.

Maybe somewhere in the story Sora got areplica madeof him. And he didn't want to be confused with the other so he changed the clothes. Or maybe they pulled a Spiderman/Scarlet Spider thing and Sora really IS the replica! Yeah I read American comics, am I the only one on here who prefers it to Manga?

I know I am writing a lot but there's still some more. Maybe either Riku and Sora fuse to becoe the BHK(Blonde Haired Kid), or Sora andRiku were once one person...the BHK and split. i mean WHY IS T called Reverse Rebirth mode anyway!? If Kairi or BHK could be in Sora's hearts as so many theories say, and there's a merging technique in the game then why can't they use a new game technique in the story!?

When BHK tells Axel something along the lines of "You can't have Sora!" Maybe Sora was hurt, and Riku fused with him to protect him. In one of the secret trailers some flashing text says "This time I'll fight!". Many believe it is Kairi which i understand, but why can't it be Riku. Riku has never got to repay Sora for all the harm he has caused. ALSO SquareEnix obviously mean to make Riku a much more involved character because of reverse rebirth mode. And it's probably because he fits in the story, not because he is a "CHARACTER PEOPLE WANNA PLAY AS" if that was the case then they would have let you PLAY AS CLOUD! So I think that Sora and Riku may just go Goku and Vageta on this. Fusion, badass becomes heroic tho still tough guy..you know the formula..
Oh and the BFU confronting the dual weiling keyblader could just be the Riku replica. It did make a promise to Namine. And the theme of this gae is supposedlyt supposed to be about promises.

And last but not least that I can think of at the moment is what ASAS is about. And YES ASAS DOES HAVE TO DO WITH THE GAME. PROOF: In order to developa whole CG video like that the development team needed character models, level design, etc. They had to have links to the story if they had that much done. It's a teaser for KH2...not a demo of how good the graphics will be.

AH i got sidetracked. k In ASAS they have a countdown from 13. It ends at 2. Maybe the 2 are Riku and Sora..they fight together. The countdown makes ME feel very adrenaline pumped, and with the characters in DD throwing keyblades around and stuff, I feel almost like maybe there was an imbalance, possiblyfrom Riku's decission of paths, ad all of the keyblade masters must work together to correct the balancewith short time before the fate.
Could the organization be making sure that the keyblade masters unite in time?

K I think I am out for now. Lemme know about all the mistakes i made. I am sure I made a lot but I hope that my ideas will help you think about other things.
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