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Fanfiction ► Shattered Skies, Broken Pieces

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Aug 30, 2007

The wind blew the boy's hair in every direction as he stood upon the grassy hill overlooking disney castle. He was the only human in this world right now, there had been a strange looking boy that had come through years before but none before or after that. And here he was, stuck and doomed to serve a mouse for the rest of his mortal life, this was shaping up to be a bad life.

He sighed as a small duck waddled up to him. He turned around and raised his chained hands in defeat. "What do you want, Donald?" he asked in an irritated voice.

Donald glared at the boy, taking his wand and smashing it over the boy's head, leaving a giant lump amongst his smooth, rainbow colored hair. The duck smiled with contentment and spoke in a voice that would make anyone, who had never heard it before, chuckle like mad. "Your slacking again, Kado." He stated matter-of-factly.

The boy, now confirmed as Kado, sighed in defeat and summoned a strange weapon to his hand; it looked like a scythe but had a handle on the back end that was surrounded by a grim circle that looked like a hilt. The way he held it, the sharp point of the scythe end pointed up but he quickly switch its sides and strated mowing down the grass with it.

Donald looked pleased and began walking away, but Kado had to say something.

"You know, I came from a world called earth and guess what? They had machines that did this kind of work for you and it was a wonderful place where ducks didnt talk and were eaten OFTEN!!!" He shouted at the duck's back.

Donald spun on his webbed heel, got right in Kado's face, prepared to insult him past the point of rage. But suddenly, his eyes were averted, no longer filled with anger but strangley enough, now they were filled with fear. And the small duck stumbled backwards, tripping over his own feet and rolling all the way down the hill.

The sky had suddenly turned very dark, Kado noted with slight interest as he banished his scythe and cleaned his ear with his pinky, flicking the contents in Donald's general direction.

The duck didn't move, didn't breath, he just stared in horror at the sky as it turned onyx. Kado noticed this, but just blinked, he actually prefered this look.

With a shrug he stared down at Donald and got an idea, summoning his scythe once more. "Heartless?" He asked the duck directly. Donald just nodded and shook, obviously not intent on moving.

Kado sighed again as he slung the scythe over his shoulder, walking the path towards the disney castle which was now covered in millions of little, black shadows....

Shinsei Kokoro

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Aug 31, 2007
New York
Hmm, pretty interesting I must say. I just hope the other chapters are longer than the prolouge. Other than the shortness I like where you're going.
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